Screenplay reminder….

In the middle of my inventory of screenplay ideas for my idea notebook, I was coming up with so far with 10 draft ideas while the rest must have been hiding in the guise of doodle thoughts.  🙂

I’ve managed to pull my attention back to screenwriting after RL (real life) sent curve balls and almost went over the brink at times before I finally grab hold on to a rope and straightened my head-space and everything else – slow going but it was the alternative I preferred.

I was fortunate to have stumbled upon My Blank Page during my morning skim of tweets and “Avoid the habit of overwriting your screenplay” topic caught my attention. It was great post. It definitely made me think of the current screenplay I’m working on and eager to apply this nugget of knowledge to my other drafts while at the same time integrating what I’ve learned from last year’s class “The Fundamentals of Screenwriting” facilitated by Susan Kougell. She has a new class this July 30, 2015

“The Fundamentals of Screenwriting: Give your Script a Solid Foundation” class

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The “Idea Notebook”

Whether preparing for grade school compositions or high school essays assignments to college thesis  titles, we have been advised to have a handy notebook of ideas.

Idea notebook

Idea notebook

This little reminder I’ve seen on twitter made me think of my idea notebook for screenplay ideas which I like to integrate within the week since I think most of my story ideas were written across a lot of notebooks depending which one I was writing on (yes, there’s a poem notebook, there’s a notebook for fanfiction too lolz) I had at the moment. Tsk.  I think it’s useful to have everything in one place too because it cuts down searching for the idea I like to tackle next. I don’t know why I had that disorganized habit  Haha There were even times, I end up recording a screenplay idea too. I’ll have to hunt down those voice files too. You can check out Scott Myers website for all things Screenwriting and to read up more of Chris Borrelli here.

That poem collection…

I am thanking my high school literature professor for the homework assignment. We were to submit three original poems and one sketch interpretation of the favorite poem since then and years later, I’ve so far written roughly 75+ poems.

Okay, it was a slow start – haha – still it was quite interesting because when I flipped through the pages, I had forgotten I’ve included dates at the top of each poem which was nice to see the track of my writing. There were poems written per month while others were a span of a year after or more.

Years ago, I tried my hand in submitting several selected poems to an overseas publisher. I wonder if they’re still around.

Complimentary note from my first try to an overseas publisher.

Complimentary note from my first try to an overseas publisher.

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Trading places… “Quien es Quien?” an upcoming melodrama from Telemundo

When I first read just going by the title, my mind went into thriller mode. I was guessing it might be a story of someone taking the identity of another person (practically to the point of having cosmetic surgery) to seek havoc in the lives of “Who’s Who.” drama show. I did not know it was a story of a twin brother separated at birth. One, raised in well-off family while the other was raised on the other side of the tracks of life. Fate led them to trade places, Their lives too and everything else in between. * Gasps *

It reminded me of “The Prince and the Pauper” movie I’ve seen and Mark Twain’s book, one of the Classics I have not read yet. My literature professor will be offended. Opps. TBR-list.

Trading places, wow! Would you have the courage to walk up and say “Hi!” if by some cosmic event, you’ll find your doppelgänger strolling along the street? I think I would let my doppelganger go on with her life.

Although there was a time back in grade school, When a couple of my classmates mentioned I had a “twin” running around in the same school. I couldn’t believe it. So my classmates and I passed by the classroom and lo, the girl does not resemble me at all. I think my classmates need to have their eyes check. haha

Would you still trade places? There was a movie comedy exploring the concept of trading places too that I really to watch again “Dave.” See trailer here .

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The fun to apply what I’ve read on screenwriting…

Several years back, I was quite excited to start applying what I’ve read so far in screenwriting and when one of my favorite show aired their finale season,Charmed, I jumped at a chance to create “The Charmed Paladins” and along with my friend  and other fans, we all went along to do our virtual shows.  You can also find the concept video here without a song track.  However, you can browse through the Music Room for some songs making the TCP world.  Some background of the TCP, the virtual episode guide which was fun to create, the recurring characters and lastly, the mainstays: Wyatt, Chris, Victor and Florence Kelly background guides.

Anyway, I’ve decided to share bits of these behind-the-scenes to my project.

The series line up for series opener

The series line up for series opener “The Charmed Paladins”

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A dream placed in your heart…

I remember when I was a kid, Disney Movies were my thing every Saturday night because that meant, I’m done with every homework possible. I was ready to be transported to another world of wonder, and so as I watched the movie’s end credits roll, I found myself asking God what was my own dream because I don’t know. I sat quietly, listening for an answer and it just swelled up inside – a still and calm voice answering – write stories.

Of course,  my little self managed a ten-sentence story about  a friendship of a turtle and a bird, I think were the characters.  I had given my father a copy written on grade school pad. I should have made another copy of the story and framed it. Haha.

Anyway, my anxiety only went up a notch when my grade school teacher decided to ask that same question the following week!  Fortunately, she chose a handful of students for the activity. I can’t recall what else happened in that class but the question stuck in my heart.

Onward to screenwriting…

Drive-by: The Rice Terraces of Banaue

Jeffer's Odyssey

Road trips, at least in the minds of most Filipinos today, call to mind those teen flicks and indie films (That Thing Called Tadhana, anyone?) that have been released in recent years. If you’re of the older generation, however, it’d be more like tales of Bonnie and Clyde and hitchhikers that look like Brad Pitt. But movie references aside, road trips are the perfect representation of the “journey being as worthwhile as the destination”. The idea is to take stops – y’know, other than bathroom breaks on roadside cafes and (dis)comfort rooms – and check out what you are passing through. On our Plan B is for Batad getaway, we stopped by Banaue on our way to Bontoc. And here are some snaps and snippets that I want to share about that. 

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Hello WordPress!

It continues to surprise me, again, I find myself trying out a different platform having set up my personal writing escapade page called Passages of the Pen several years ago but have lost fire to post entries there then before that, when blogging was the latest hot trend alert, Wayfarer’s Way blog came about, which also has stalled for post entries. Hopefully, with a sleek, looking site such as this, I can maintain enough entries that will focus on my screenwriting endeavors and what-not (okay, maybe a few nature pictures along the way).