Hello WordPress!

It continues to surprise me, again, I find myself trying out a different platform having set up my personal writing escapade page called Passages of the Pen several years ago but have lost fire to post entries there then before that, when blogging was the latest hot trend alert, Wayfarer’s Way blog came about, which also has stalled for post entries. Hopefully, with a sleek, looking site such as this, I can maintain enough entries that will focus on my screenwriting endeavors and what-not (okay, maybe a few nature pictures along the way).


2 thoughts on “Hello WordPress!

  1. I’m so glad you’re here. I can finally follow you. WordPress, in my opinion, is the best blogging platform for serious writers. I have a Blogspot account, but it is inactive, and should I even say missing as I forgot which email and what password I used? It was not really for the purposes of going online iwth it, more of like save-the-posts because I had to migrate my stuff from Multiply. I am still trying to find out my login details, but in any case, I have the XML document I got from Multiply for migration to blogspot. Hopefully, it’s still not expired or something.

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    • I no longer bothered with Multiply, did save my log-ins from my 2 blogspot accts because one of them is tied to my Youtube acct. As you’ve mentioned, Blogspot wasn’t for serious writing although, you’ll prolly find some fan-girling moments here too. 😀


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