Trading places… “Quien es Quien?” an upcoming melodrama from Telemundo

When I first read just going by the title, my mind went into thriller mode. I was guessing it might be a story of someone taking the identity of another person (practically to the point of having cosmetic surgery) to seek havoc in the lives of “Who’s Who.” drama show. I did not know it was a story of a twin brother separated at birth. One, raised in well-off family while the other was raised on the other side of the tracks of life. Fate led them to trade places, Their lives too and everything else in between. * Gasps *

It reminded me of “The Prince and the Pauper” movie I’ve seen and Mark Twain’s book, one of the Classics I have not read yet. My literature professor will be offended. Opps. TBR-list.

Trading places, wow! Would you have the courage to walk up and say “Hi!” if by some cosmic event, you’ll find your doppelgänger strolling along the street? I think I would let my doppelganger go on with her life.

Although there was a time back in grade school, When a couple of my classmates mentioned I had a “twin” running around in the same school. I couldn’t believe it. So my classmates and I passed by the classroom and lo, the girl does not resemble me at all. I think my classmates need to have their eyes check. haha

Would you still trade places? There was a movie comedy exploring the concept of trading places too that I really to watch again “Dave.” See trailer here .

“Quien es Quien” is Mr.  Eugenio Siller ‘s next TV project and from the snippets of information I can glean from social media , here  and from below

#EugenioSiller Protagonizará en Telemundo “¿Quién es quién?”.

El encabezará este nuevo proyecto que iniciará sus grabaciones el 20 de julio en Miami, Estados Unidos.

El Recordado protagonista de #Aurora y #ReinaDeCorazones regresa a las pantallas de telemundo con este melodrama se estrenará después del verano en México, mientras que en USA no se transmitirá hasta principios de 2016.

Las grabaciones de la telenovela Duraran Ocho meses. Quién es quién?” es una nueva adaptación de la producción chilena “Amores de mercado”, historia que ya produjo Telemundo en el año 2003 bajo el título “Amor descarado”.

This will probably be another ride with Mr. Kleenex if and when this telenovela will reach us. I’m still waiting for “Una Maid en Manhattan” news from DivaPhilippines . It’s very early to say what else will be going on but I guess we’ll wait.

Siller character sporting a new look for

Siller sporting a new character look for “Quien es Quien.”


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