That poem collection…

I am thanking my high school literature professor for the homework assignment. We were to submit three original poems and one sketch interpretation of the favorite poem since then and years later, I’ve so far written roughly 75+ poems.

Okay, it was a slow start – haha – still it was quite interesting because when I flipped through the pages, I had forgotten I’ve included dates at the top of each poem which was nice to see the track of my writing. There were poems written per month while others were a span of a year after or more.

Years ago, I tried my hand in submitting several selected poems to an overseas publisher. I wonder if they’re still around.

Complimentary note from my first try to an overseas publisher.

Complimentary note from my first try to an overseas publisher.

Receiving this and the letter response (excerpt below) back then was a huge surprise.

I was particularly stuck by the quality of defamiliarisation the poems posses, forcing the reader to re-examine trite responses to daily life, to the things that we take for granted; having forced us to strip away this comforting layer of the expected , the poet explores something of her own reality through metaphoric detail. [Name]’s understanding of her subject matter and the way in which she expresses it to others has that fresh and uninhibited honesty that one often associates with the not-yet-jaded perspective of children, except here it is coupled with a mature appreciation of that tarnished adult perspective and what it will take to cut through this.

I don’t know if I still have the unjaded perspective, hopefully, it’s still there.  I’ve continued to write poems. Some from poem prompts like these but most are in my poem notebook or as electronic files which I have to consolidate soon.


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