The “Idea Notebook”

Whether preparing for grade school compositions or high school essays assignments to college thesis  titles, we have been advised to have a handy notebook of ideas.

Idea notebook

Idea notebook

This little reminder I’ve seen on twitter made me think of my idea notebook for screenplay ideas which I like to integrate within the week since I think most of my story ideas were written across a lot of notebooks depending which one I was writing on (yes, there’s a poem notebook, there’s a notebook for fanfiction too lolz) I had at the moment. Tsk.  I think it’s useful to have everything in one place too because it cuts down searching for the idea I like to tackle next. I don’t know why I had that disorganized habit  Haha There were even times, I end up recording a screenplay idea too. I’ll have to hunt down those voice files too. You can check out Scott Myers website for all things Screenwriting and to read up more of Chris Borrelli here.


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