Screenplay reminder….

In the middle of my inventory of screenplay ideas for my idea notebook, I was coming up with so far with 10 draft ideas while the rest must have been hiding in the guise of doodle thoughts.  🙂

I’ve managed to pull my attention back to screenwriting after RL (real life) sent curve balls and almost went over the brink at times before I finally grab hold on to a rope and straightened my head-space and everything else – slow going but it was the alternative I preferred.

I was fortunate to have stumbled upon My Blank Page during my morning skim of tweets and “Avoid the habit of overwriting your screenplay” topic caught my attention. It was great post. It definitely made me think of the current screenplay I’m working on and eager to apply this nugget of knowledge to my other drafts while at the same time integrating what I’ve learned from last year’s class “The Fundamentals of Screenwriting” facilitated by Susan Kougell. She has a new class this July 30, 2015

“The Fundamentals of Screenwriting: Give your Script a Solid Foundation” class

Back to My Blank Page, one of the points to be reminded about…

You’ll never go wrong if you always show and not tell with your screenwriting. Allow the actors to act and always cut the dialogue as much as you can. The Production Designer decides how the set looks, the Cinematographer decides  how the shot looks, and your job is to write the blueprint for the film in the form of the screenplay.


Only include the most important action descriptions and avoid the unnecessary ones: “Frank rolls his eyes, smiles, takes a deep breath, shrugs and turns toward the window.”

I have a sneaking suspicion, five lines or so have unconsciously planted themselves on my draft. Opps.


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