More on… The Rel/Event Series: Part I

Event details.  I’m praying for a miracle. 😀 I’ll  prolly be glued to my seat listening throughout the event.


The Art of #Silmarillion

Ever since LOTR movies splashed through the screens, it was a crash course to Middle-earth for me and ended my short journey until reading “The Silmarillion” book. Any of those chapters could become movie installments but I guess it will best to leave it alone.

If #Silmarllion came with illustrations I'd be lost further in #MiddleEarth. The feeeeels! #Repost @lady.galadriel with @repostapp. ・・・ : Beren and Lúthien [3/3] . "The great wolf Carcharoth, whom Morgoth had personally bred, awoke. Beren held out the Silmaril, hoping that its radiance would avert the beast, but he was mistaken. Carcharoth bit off his hand, swallowing it along with the Silmaril, and proceeded to run rampant through Doriath. Thus Beren was called Erchamion, "One-handed". Lúthien and the unconscious Beren were rescued by the Eagles of Manwë. Beren participated in the hunting of Carcharoth, where the beast was slain and the Silmaril recovered; the quest was accomplished, but in the process Beren was mortally wounded." . {Artwork by Unknown, Music Composed by James Horner} . . . {{#luthien#beren#tolkien#tolkienerd#silmarillion#lotr#lordoftherings#doriath}}

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The books  to read in order contained vast information which can be quite overwhelming so one really needs to pace themselves  if they want to understand Tolkien’s epic Middle-earth tapestry.

#Voltron #KeithandAllura FanFic “Arus Eyes”final two chapters! Yay!

Voltron DVD set sent by keithallura

Voltron DVD set sent by keithallura

DVD set

DVD set look

Yay! I’ve sent Chapter nine of “Arus Eyes” to my beta reader!  Chapter nine had basic scenes in place but as I was resolving three or so story threads, it only made sense I leave open and just close Marsh’s story.  If I maintained to close the  story threads, I’ll prolly be looking at another two year in the making to end the fanfic and it will most likely go beyond ten chapters.

Note to self, make sure to first finish the story before letting my beta reader hang for so long. Opps. I’ve really planned “Arus Eyes” to be 10-chapter story so it was intentional some story threads will be left open enough to pick it up for the next story expansion. The next story is going to be called “The Altered”  which will be continuing the Haggarium thread  and I think my interpretation of Maahox’s experiments. 😀

Disney Pixar Short LAVA – Cover Mark Read, A1, Inside Out

I’ve only seen pictures of “The Little Matchgirl” and “Tick Tock Tale” and lastly, “Lava” Disney’s latest collection of shorts and Lava, reminded me of Hawaii.  Aloha! 😀 Once again, Mark leaves us smiling with his cover. I like it when a song has a story feel to it.

Lava by Kuana Torres Kahele, Napua Greig, and James Ford Murphy

A long long time ago there was a volcano
Living all alone in the middle of the sea

He sat high above his bay watching all the couples play
And wishing that he had someone too
And from his lava came this song of hope that he sang
Out loud everyday for years and years

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The Rel/Event Series: Part I

The Rel/Event Series: Part I

The REL/Event Series

The REL/Event Series

Event organizer Mr. Erman Baradi has an upcoming panel from talent representation, TV and film production and casting directors panel ( Casting Director David Rapaport of shows “DC Legends, Flash” and “Supergirl.”) and other panels soon to be announced. This looks like it’s going to be an interesting event to check out and I hope I can 😀

especially, to join the others sitting in through Casting Director April Webster’s section.

Project Seven: Drafting film screenplay #amwriting

I was feeling excited managing to apply some basic rules to the script and today I was able to snip some action paragraphs to make it lean writing.

I was a little amused because I was somewhat organized now than before after a lot of RL upheavals to get me back to drafting a screenplay now called “Project Seven” while “Project 52” will have to wait.

“Project Seven” came with three titles so far, which I can’t decide  but what was important – the keyword was attached to all three titles. I can easily play around when I’ve reached FADE OUT. 🙂

I’ve maintained a generic title “Project Seven” from my idea notebook that way, I can keep track on what the heck I was working on. I’ve noticed I had a lot of snippets of scenes scrawled from one notebook to another, and playing a guessing game to which idea number it came from was entirely fruitless.

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#IntotheBadlands new show offering from AMC

After watching the trailer, I was quite intrigued by the world it painted because “Into the Badlands” gave quite a steam punk vibe with a modern  feel. The costumes added the mystery of an alternate Earth look somehow which is  interesting. I can’t wait for  program to premiere this November and find out more about this world. There are a lot of sword fight scenes  treated as “like martial arts ballet ” with the opposing characters usually finding the business end of it,  still I hope it won’t be too graphic and leave it in the capable hands of creative editing to let the audience imagine the final shock.

It’s not every day one of the show producers favorites my tweet. 🙂 I’ve been a huge fan of Gough and Millar since “Smallville” and possibly “Aquaman” aka Mercy Reef had it been given a chance. 🙂 I’m crossing my fingers they’ll be tapping Mr. Mark Dacascos to guest star in the show soon.

and my all time favorite martial arts actor Mark Dacascos favorited the tweet too. I first saw in “Double Dragon” and went back to all his previous movie projects I could find. 😀 I’m crossing my fingers the producers will tap him to guest star in the show for a multiple character arc! 🙂

Mr. Mark Dacascos faves my tweet!

Mr. Mark Dacascos faves my tweet!

THEN I got a follow back from Miles Millar.

Thanks for the follow back.

Thanks for the follow back.

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