Those Friday Flash Fictions…

Flash fic prompts

Flash fiction prompts

I used to join Dottie at Tink’s PlaceΒ for the weekly Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge before unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do now but while I had spare time and inspiration then I’ve decided to link all the prompts and turn it as an flash episode or weekly installment for one big story-verse. πŸ™‚ Β I just never came up with Β what the one main story umbrella for these flash fictionsΒ can be called under:Β “The Fury of the Lost, Nightstorm, The Canyon of Tears, The Warrior Princess, I am Here, The Relic Hunter and her Sidekick, Step to the Sword of Light,” and finally, “The Dax Encounter.” Β Once the new challenge pic was posted on Monday, we all had a week to post our flash fictions to participate in the Flash Friday Fictions.

Friday Fiction Flash

Friday Fiction Flash


18 thoughts on “Those Friday Flash Fictions…

  1. Hey, I read “Fury of The Lost.” That was great! Wow, Raine, you have come a long way with your writing. I LOVE it!!! You’re inspiring me to write more fiction again πŸ™‚

    I’ve got an idea. Would you like it to be turned into comics as well? I think it would be perfect.

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      • The other stories were so far standalone but they are set in the same world of “Fury of the Lost.” I went back to “Nightstorm” and read a note that the story took place before “FotL.” My bad, it wasn’t in between “FotL” as I said yesterday. Opps. “I think “Canyon of Tears” and “I Am Here” and “Warrior Princess” are connected a little. I remember linking character names in the stories to show connection as much as a I can between titles. My goal was to use the Dottie’s prompts to build my world. πŸ˜€ Unfortunately, she got too busy the prompts stopped then when she came back, my muse went on other things so I wasn’t able to finish several more episodes. πŸ˜€ I’ll see if I can find her prompts again.


    • Go write your stories! πŸ˜€ You wrote on your site a ghost story, right? I’ll look for it. I hope it’s not too scary. I have my paranormal shares back at the apartment in P’que several years back and don’t a relish. 😦 Really? Thanks! Wow, into comics! Yeah! πŸ˜€ Have you done it to your stories too?

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      • I tried replying to this many times using my tablet earlier, but for the life of me, it wouldn’t submit my comment. Don’t be surprised if you get quite a number of the same exact comments in your inbox or message section. Anyhoo…

        No, I haven’t shared any ghost story. Maybe you are referring to a past post years ago about my particular experience up on Makiling. But I do have a vampire story (“OBSESSION”), plus my ongoing supposed novel (temp title: Maya) has to do with the supernatural with a mix of forensic science πŸ™‚

        Well, editing an indie comics aside (ANG SUMPA by Andoyman), I haven’t written a comic book yet and have not yet converted any of my stories into one, although there were stalled plans of making one for my vampire story. I do plan on creating stories for comics, but right now, my brain is tel.ling me to do other stuff.

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      • Glad to say, only one comment appeared. πŸ˜€ The Makiling post must be it, So the vampire the object of someone’s obsession? πŸ˜€ Supernatural forensic genre, interesting.


      • Ah, ‘yun ‘yung comment na sa laptop ko na na na-post.

        “So the vampire the object of someone’s obsession?”

        Secreeet!!! He he heee…Here’s the link. Read it when you have the time. It’s not really long.

        “Supernatural forensic genre, interesting.”

        MAYA is an old idea that I am sure I shared to you before. I was not able to continue with it for the longest time because I didn’t have much inspiration for it until I fell in love with forensic science. So the story evolved into what it is today. The first parts are kind of missing, as you will find out, mainly because I wanted to move on first with the story. I did not want to get stuck at the start again. I already have scenes for those first parts, but sort of concentrating more on the next parts. Will be working on those first parts, of course.

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