Project Seven: Drafting film screenplay #amwriting

I was feeling excited managing to apply some basic rules to the script and today I was able to snip some action paragraphs to make it lean writing.

I was a little amused because I was somewhat organized now than before after a lot of RL upheavals to get me back to drafting a screenplay now called “Project Seven” while “Project 52” will have to wait.

“Project Seven” came with three titles so far, which I can’t decide  but what was important – the keyword was attached to all three titles. I can easily play around when I’ve reached FADE OUT. 🙂

I’ve maintained a generic title “Project Seven” from my idea notebook that way, I can keep track on what the heck I was working on. I’ve noticed I had a lot of snippets of scenes scrawled from one notebook to another, and playing a guessing game to which idea number it came from was entirely fruitless.

I was keeping in mind those pointers from Blank Page’s topic “Avoid the habit of overwriting your screenplay” which made me re-read my draft. I know it wasn’t good  to start re-writing this early in the draft process  because it can kill creativity but for some reason I wanted to do it, especially at the early portions of the screenplay because I felt I was using too many words to describe what the building dressers were doing in my target world.  Now, the page feels it has some more flow but I know there are more paragraphs to trim later.

I was also happy to have followed another tweet from ScreenCraft for this good round of reminders. It can be an overwhelming amount of information but since I’ve read about it several times, these were definitely serving me as a reminder and I hope I’m quick enough to add.

One of the things Susan Kougell commented on from my last year’s screenwriting assignment was…

be sure to add a bit more visual storytelling—specifically when you’re describing each new setting. The reader needs to step into the world you’re creating with a complete understanding of it.

Hopefully, I’ve just done that and expanded the world quickly enough to draw the reader.

John August’s “Writing Better Scene Description” and “Entering a Scene” are good pointers to remember that I’m glad for the little review.

"Write the movie you want to see"

“Write the movie you want to see”


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