#Voltron #KeithandAllura FanFic “Arus Eyes”final two chapters! Yay!

Voltron DVD set sent by keithallura

Voltron DVD set sent by keithallura

DVD set

DVD set look

Yay! I’ve sent Chapter nine of “Arus Eyes” to my beta reader!  Chapter nine had basic scenes in place but as I was resolving three or so story threads, it only made sense I leave open and just close Marsh’s story.  If I maintained to close the  story threads, I’ll prolly be looking at another two year in the making to end the fanfic and it will most likely go beyond ten chapters.

Note to self, make sure to first finish the story before letting my beta reader hang for so long. Opps. I’ve really planned “Arus Eyes” to be 10-chapter story so it was intentional some story threads will be left open enough to pick it up for the next story expansion. The next story is going to be called “The Altered”  which will be continuing the Haggarium thread  and I think my interpretation of Maahox’s experiments. 😀


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