The Art of #Silmarillion

Ever since LOTR movies splashed through the screens, it was a crash course to Middle-earth for me and ended my short journey until reading “The Silmarillion” book. Any of those chapters could become movie installments but I guess it will best to leave it alone.

If #Silmarllion came with illustrations I'd be lost further in #MiddleEarth. The feeeeels! #Repost @lady.galadriel with @repostapp. ・・・ : Beren and Lúthien [3/3] . "The great wolf Carcharoth, whom Morgoth had personally bred, awoke. Beren held out the Silmaril, hoping that its radiance would avert the beast, but he was mistaken. Carcharoth bit off his hand, swallowing it along with the Silmaril, and proceeded to run rampant through Doriath. Thus Beren was called Erchamion, "One-handed". Lúthien and the unconscious Beren were rescued by the Eagles of Manwë. Beren participated in the hunting of Carcharoth, where the beast was slain and the Silmaril recovered; the quest was accomplished, but in the process Beren was mortally wounded." . {Artwork by Unknown, Music Composed by James Horner} . . . {{#luthien#beren#tolkien#tolkienerd#silmarillion#lotr#lordoftherings#doriath}}

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The books  to read in order contained vast information which can be quite overwhelming so one really needs to pace themselves  if they want to understand Tolkien’s epic Middle-earth tapestry.


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