#LetsVoltron #podcast Giles Panton interview #VoltronForce

It was great listening to Giles Panton’s interview from Let’s Voltron and it was a plus when several of my questions were asked too. 🙂

4) Looking back at the series, what was your favorite episode and why?

7) What one word can you share to describe your experience working in “Voltron Force” series?

8) Did it come as part of your research to look up or watch Toei Animation’s series  “Voltron Lion Force”  for your direction of Keith?

9)  In the VF, episode “Inside the Music,” we found out Pidge has a double life as one of the members of Stereolactic, leading me to think if you also imagined Keith  has taken up a musical instrument, and what do you think it would be?

10) What would you like to see explored in the series about Keith?

I was nearly floored when half of my questions made it. Everyone asked good questions and due to that, I’ve been leaping from one podcast episode to another. So far my faves were: 37, 38 with Tommy YuneFilipino artist Elmer Damaso  (his name rings familiar somehow. Unsure if my friend The End Justifies the Journey  had a post on him before), 39 (with writer Bill Spangler – which all three episodes talked about the Robotech/Voltron crossover and 44 (Cullen Bunn and Blacky Shepherd for “Out from the Ashes” issue) .

inside the cockpit

inside the cockpit


To spec, or not to spec, that is the question…

Bring in a healthy and positive attitude and trudge on knowing while writing another page is another learning experience too.

My Blank Page

scripts 2Screenwriters must always be writing specs.  It’s a simple reality of our business.  You may ask, “What are the pros and cons of writing spec projects?”

First, the pros:

  • You own your spec.  If it’s truly amazing and everyone wants it, you can leverage the frenzy into a producer credit to have more control.  A bidding war can garner a great sale.
  • Specs are exactly the way you envision.  No producers have unleashed their idiotic tinkering yet.  Your spec is pure—it’s a virgin project.  (Do not get used to this, as once it sells it will become defiled and corrupted).
  • If you spec does not sell, it can serve as a showcase your unique voice and style.  It can open doors, get you meetings and even get you hired to write a screenplay on assignment (the bread and butter of working writers).
  • No producer or executive…

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More Middle-earth….

I remember when LOTR movies came out, I was intrigued and curious of Tolkien’s Middle-earth and it was very fascinating the production did their best to re-create down to the last possible detail they can because from the way Tolkien wrote the books, it gave the vibe that probably Middle-earth existed once and the movie translated the feeling. However through the ravages of time, memory about it faded. Jeffer’s Odyssey and I went through a phase of searching for Tolkien’s books at book thrift shops. I don’t know if she managed to complete it though. As for me, I was able to get copies of the LOTR books and read a borrowed copy of “The Hobbit” from another friend. On the brief note about the “The Hobbit,” I just found out there’s an ebook edition illustrated by Alan Lee!

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Explore Weta…

After having a delayed reaction viewing of “The Hobbit:Battle of Five Armies” (not extended version) my Middle-earth curiosity flared up once again.


 which lead me to ask The Philippine Tolkien Society

Hi All,
I remembered hearing a news blurb about Asia Pop ComicCon last month, I was wondering could we also request perhaps they invite WetaWorkshop too in the future APCC Manila date?

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The Battle of the Five Armies: Extended Edition (… speculation)

I’m trying not to hyperventilate with some EE spoilers posted online, which were a handful of scenes (have to commend the posters their restraint, still thanks guys. 🙂 Anyways, I’m saving for “The Hobbit” trilogy EE discs and I have a feeling this will come in a box-set just like LOTR collectors Ed. ouch, lolz. 🙂

A Tolkienist's Perspective

The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies Extended Edition logo

Seen the last Hobbit film? Want more?
Here’s what we might see in the Extended Edition


— Naturally, here be Spoilers —

If you enjoyed The Battle of the Five Armies but, like me, were not fully satisfied due to certain omissions, the content of next year’s Extended Edition seems to be extremely promising; a definitive director’s cut to be shelved along with the other 5 equally-stupendous Middle-earth films.

During the World Premier in London, Peter Jackson already stated that there will be 30 minutes of new material.

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Let’s Voltron upcoming interivew with Giles Panton #VoltronForce #Voltron


Keith in “Voltron Force” series

Our dear Keith and Allura head shipper from the Voltron Fandom sent a DM reminder to me about sending questions for Giles Panton who voiced Commander Keith Kogane  in the “Voltron Force” 2011 TV animated series . I was able to send 10 questions for the host to choose from and crossing  my fingers, any of them will be chosen for the upcoming Let’s Voltron Podcast.

I have yet to listen amidst other podcasts lined up in my playlist from screenwriting notes, Middle-earth goodies to fandoms. Thank you for liking the tweet. 😀

Giles Panton_Lets Voltron_faves

Leaving you with one of my fave episodes, delving more into the mythos of Voltron. Season 2 please!

Really, really plan ahead…

While I was able to purchase the event tix, it was such a very long shot of making it before the date. Had the local trip been pushed on a later date, I would have actually made it. There were a lot of factors: re-visiting the embassy site and reading the fine prints, there were items not mentioned on the site which I found out through the visa assistance consultant. Apparently, I would still need sponsorship letter and a letter of invitation along with the pertinent documents for submission with my visa renewal application form. 😦

Proverbs 21:5

I did feel the tiniest disappointed because I felt I was missing an opportunity  but curiously, as I prayed about the circumstances I was in, that small still voice rang in mind to write treatments first and not be worried so I’m doing just that. I’ll keep the tix as a remembrance. 🙂

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