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After having a delayed reaction viewing of “The Hobbit:Battle of Five Armies” (not extended version) my Middle-earth curiosity flared up once again.


 which lead me to ask The Philippine Tolkien Society

Hi All,
I remembered hearing a news blurb about Asia Pop ComicCon last month, I was wondering could we also request perhaps they invite WetaWorkshop too in the future APCC Manila date?

There were several answers to my query…

TPTS 1:  possible, but that’s a huge undertaking… also, our Customs is going to be a problem…

TPTS 2: I think it would be best to approach the organizers for this venture (Universal Events, Al Ahli Holdings). They did bring in Marvel and Comic Cave, so it won’t be an issue if they decide to add Weta to their roster. The real question is, will the organizers and Weta accept? Perhaps we can approach the organizers with a petition suggesting this; after that it’s going to be in Universal Events’ hands whether they would work something favorable out with Weta — or otherwise.

TPTS 3: I like this idea. There was a Pinoy in Weta Workshop nearly 10 years ago. There could be more now. And the folks there are nice.

TPTS 4: Weta in manila? Heaven! Need to say more? wink emoticon

Hopefully, some folks will approach WETA and consider a Manila date in the future. 🙂

Weta Cave: Elven Warrior and could be Tin...

Weta Cave: Elven Warrior and could be Tin…

Weta showroom booths

Weta showroom booths



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