More Middle-earth….

I remember when LOTR movies came out, I was intrigued and curious of Tolkien’s Middle-earth and it was very fascinating the production did their best to re-create down to the last possible detail they can because from the way Tolkien wrote the books, it gave the vibe that probably Middle-earth existed once and the movie translated the feeling. However through the ravages of time, memory about it faded. Jeffer’s Odyssey and I went through a phase of searching for Tolkien’s books at book thrift shops. I don’t know if she managed to complete it though. As for me, I was able to get copies of the LOTR books and read a borrowed copy of “The Hobbit” from another friend. On the brief note about the “The Hobbit,” I just found out there’s an ebook edition illustrated by Alan Lee!

I once had “The Unfinished Tales Part 2” but it was written in smaller font and I was going to through a personal problem that I ended up giving away the book with other suspense thriller books. Anyway, years later, I was able to find Children of Hurin

It was quite obvious, I was late in getting the memo because I just found out “The Silmarillion: The Revised Illustrated Edition” by JRR Tolkien and Ted Nasmith.

Found a useful way for #LOTR #trading #cards. #Eowyn #Bree #Orcs #Pippin #frame

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