To spec, or not to spec, that is the question…

Bring in a healthy and positive attitude and trudge on knowing while writing another page is another learning experience too.

My Blank Page

scripts 2Screenwriters must always be writing specs.  It’s a simple reality of our business.  You may ask, “What are the pros and cons of writing spec projects?”

First, the pros:

  • You own your spec.  If it’s truly amazing and everyone wants it, you can leverage the frenzy into a producer credit to have more control.  A bidding war can garner a great sale.
  • Specs are exactly the way you envision.  No producers have unleashed their idiotic tinkering yet.  Your spec is pure—it’s a virgin project.  (Do not get used to this, as once it sells it will become defiled and corrupted).
  • If you spec does not sell, it can serve as a showcase your unique voice and style.  It can open doors, get you meetings and even get you hired to write a screenplay on assignment (the bread and butter of working writers).
  • No producer or executive…

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