#LetsVoltron #podcast Giles Panton interview #VoltronForce

It was great listening to Giles Panton’s interview from Let’s Voltron and it was a plus when several of my questions were asked too. 🙂

4) Looking back at the series, what was your favorite episode and why?

7) What one word can you share to describe your experience working in “Voltron Force” series?

8) Did it come as part of your research to look up or watch Toei Animation’s series  “Voltron Lion Force”  for your direction of Keith?

9)  In the VF, episode “Inside the Music,” we found out Pidge has a double life as one of the members of Stereolactic, leading me to think if you also imagined Keith  has taken up a musical instrument, and what do you think it would be?

10) What would you like to see explored in the series about Keith?

I was nearly floored when half of my questions made it. Everyone asked good questions and due to that, I’ve been leaping from one podcast episode to another. So far my faves were: 37, 38 with Tommy YuneFilipino artist Elmer Damaso  (his name rings familiar somehow. Unsure if my friend The End Justifies the Journey  had a post on him before), 39 (with writer Bill Spangler – which all three episodes talked about the Robotech/Voltron crossover and 44 (Cullen Bunn and Blacky Shepherd for “Out from the Ashes” issue) .

inside the cockpit

inside the cockpit


9 thoughts on “#LetsVoltron #podcast Giles Panton interview #VoltronForce

  1. Nope, haven’t featured Elmer Damaso yet, but I have mentioned him in posts. I haven’t really featured any artist in particular except Andoyman and that’s ’cause I know him personally and I am involved in his comics, ANG SUMPA. It’s in the plans to feature artists, but I haven’t gotten around to doing it. Better if I can do interviews, but I’m no power-blogger, know what I mean? There is only one artist I personally know who might say yes, if ever.

    Anyhoo, feel free to read my Komikon-related posts 🙂 I do miss attending komikons. As it is, you know why I can’t for now. By my estimate, next year’s major komikon pa ako maka-attend, so that’s still one year to go. Di abot sa Summer Komikon at sa Indieket (Indie Market). Hope to attend with you next year, though 😉

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    • Ohhhh, goood idea. Hope you’ll feature Elmer Damaso. 🙂 I guess you didn’t see him or his booth at the past Komikero cons or heard his name from fellow artists? Anyway, I’m going to check “Ang Sumpa” which I’m praying will not give me nightmares. haha I’m just having a hard time visiting sites using white on black environment to read. Nauseating afterwards. 😦 I think to be a power blogger or start to be one, is to submit to a pinoy blog roll community. I could be wrong. I just noticed on book reviewers blogs they submit to those kinds of sites to generate traffic and whole lot of fun craziness of following bloggers for Follow Fridays gigs. hahah. The next year Komikon is in Manila too? I also didn’t hear about the Asia Pop Con because late na ibinalita ng TV Patrol, para lng sa Manilans who are stones throw away from the venue, which is saying din. Unfortunately, if the MRT problems aren’t straightened out, it will make think 5x if I want to go sa nxt AsiaPop.Yeah, hope to chk Indieket with you too soon.

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      • ” I guess you didn’t see him or his booth at the past Komikero cons or heard his name from fellow artists?” My friend Sherwin the Kraken told me he saw Elmer a few times but I missed the guys every time. Minsan may talk siya but I couldn’t attend because my priority was to go around checking out comics, then I went home to Laguna. I didn’t want to be stuck in traffic.

        ANG SUMPA won’t give you nightmares, LOL!!! It’s a mystery/detective thing.

        That idea you gave about how to be a power-blogger is one idea indeed, but you still can’t be a power-blogger if your blog doesn’t have anything substantial or interesting to share. I honestly think mine does, but I don’t have the energy to spend all my time promoting my blog, I’m even looking to earn from it anyway. I also don’t want to resort to all those BS black-hat tactics that some do just to generate traffic.

        If (and it better!) this pregnancy pushes through, I am sure i can’t go to Indieket with you ’cause that happens sometime in June or July or August. I’d be busy nursing a baby or maybe catching up at work. So most possible ay ‘yung major Komikon that should happen November 2016.

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      • Oh, I didn’t mean you have to do all those power-blogger tactics. You’ll find you niche, I mean you have lots of followers already . If and when you’ll do a feature artist in your blog, would be cool.

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      • Yeah, I know that was not what you meant, no worries. I was just expounding on the subject. I already know my niche, but I am always open to making friends with any blogger 🙂 As for followers, nah, my number isn’t that great yet, but I’m just thankful that I do have a number of sincere followers. And that’s because I try to be a sincere follower as well. 🙂

        Meanwhile, I just realized I HAVE featured some artists, but more of stage thespians — Lea Salonga and Veerle Casteleyn (I went CATS the Musical-crazy years ago…still am, he he)

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      • I’ve read your Casteleyn post some years back. I haven’t visited your post for Lea S. Blog-hopping can be great especially the photo-hopping ones and the Music Monday when I used to hop along. 😀

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    • If you WiFi becomes steady enuf, hope you’ll view the VF video link. I haven’t check what ToonCity is up to lately. I’m hoping the podcast host will interview someone from the ToonCity ppl on how they got the gig and how they approached the series now set a couple of years after the finale episode from the 80s show. I think the podcast host is aiming first to get the original animator people from the GoLion series for interview so it’s something to look forward to.

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