“‪#‎Screenwriter‬ Sound Off – ‪#‎Thanksgiving‬ Edition: If you were to write a movie about your family dinner, what would you title it?”

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That question above was posted by Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting group that I was following and after some thought I came out with “The Perfect You.”  Now, it’s high time to express that idea on paper. 😀 


What’s your fave Christmas movies?

It’s usually this month or around first week of December that I have a working Christmas list of movies to watch but somehow I’m failing my own tradition. 😀

It’s probably due to the backlog of re-writing I’m doing and getting wonderfully sidetracked when I found “Dragonbreed” comic books at the local shop the other day. (Yeah, still at it, give it another day) and I’m also finally re-polishing fanfic from a re-awakened fandom. 😀

My Christmas movie list from two or three years ago. I would have wanted to add the list via picture type to this post but WordPress can’t seem to support the file link.

The Christmas miracle

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey

Dragon Breed: Cloudsbane (Volume 3)

A happy and unexpected find getting all three volumes after much stumbling (and brought up to speed – all 47 podcasts episodes) through Let’s Voltron The Official Voltron Podcast and listened all three parts about the Robotech/Voltron crossover series by Tommy Yune with Elmer Damaso and Bill Spangler – shared their experiences in making the comic series. It was a surprise finding another project outing, this time from team Damaso. 😀

Black Ink

dragon breed 3
Code: BIC0090
Genre: Fantasy / Mystery / Action
Price: P79.75
Pages: 64
Paper: bulky
Size: 6 x 9 inches

Dragon Breed: Cloudsbane– Volume 3
Written by Maria Cornelia Damaso
lllustrated by Elmer Damaso

After the siege of Rockfort, the kingdom and its military start to fortify the castle’s defenses. The sudden influx of monsters and its organized movements still baffle the people of Rockfort.

Meanwhile, Slate of Carob continues to rise within the ranks of Rockfort’s military. His recent victory over the dragon, Thunderguts, has earned the attention of the King and the Princess Azalea.

Major Malachite has devious plans to remove the young officer from the ranks. His plan is to send Slate on a quest for Haelon to confront a great dragon before it wreaks havoc on Meribah. This tips the scales in favor of the dark forces who want the young Dragonbreed out of the way.


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Don’t Just Tell Me, Show Me – How to Write with Emotion

A handy reminder. 😀

The Last Krystallos

Make me feel your story, make me sense it and experience it.
Take me into your world, and let me live it with your protagonist.

how to write with emotion, don't show tell, show don't tell, the last krystallos, I’m an emotive writer, and my pieces concentrate much on the senses and the old adage: show, not tell. Not every writer swears by this approach, but my writing works more in this field than with explanatory description.

Emotions rule our world and fuel our stories, without emotion our stories become a boring and grim lists of actions. Stories begin with a dilemma and continue with the reactions to that impasse. All our reactions are emotional, we’re human beings, not robots, and even if you’re writing about robots, your story will need emotional content if it is to survive!

Showing emotion is vital to fire up your writing.

life and characters, charles dickens, lisa shambrook, the last krystallos, Life and Characters © Lisa Shambrook

Don’t tell me your protagonist is angry, show me their

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Writing for Animation, Comics, and Games by Christy Marx

Listening about the world of comics and comic writing  from Let’s Voltron Official Podcast episodes: 2, 7, 2131, 37,38, 39 , and 44 plus an unexpected find at the book thrift shop, which I wasn’t sure if the price was really discounted and sold graphic novels still at the standard rate, I had to pick this.


Ruse: A Guide to Victorian to Murder by Mark Waid, because it gave a Sherlock Holmes vibe and I was especially intrigued by the great cover art.

Online, I  also came across “Writing for Animation, Comics and Games” by Christy Marx.,  available for rent on Amazon and I didn’t know she has another book “Write your way into Animation and Games: Create a Writing Career in Animation and Games.” The second book, I’ll rent later or until I finish the first one as I have until January 2016 to finish a 200+ book. lolz.

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Rel/Event Part 2


It’s back and I want to go.

Yet I’m feeling the beginnings of a headache-induced travel docs preparation hassle.

I would like to rant but I see the point too.  The embassy has set those stiff prerequisites as safeguards for future serious travelers  in order to whittle out still other unpleasant tactics.

With significant reasons to want to attend  conferences, screenwriting summits, screenwriting panels and recently, I found out that it would be even fortuitous for a newbie writer interested in writing animation to  even attend Comic-Cons.

I have to haul my travel documents ready and hopefully, following the checklist I don’t leave anything out and pray what I’m doing is right or if this is the time to take this opportunity.

The lineup has been growing since I saw the announcement last November 2 from  #StarWarsTheForceAwakens exec producer Tommy HarperDoug Jung, screenwriter, “Star Trek Beyond,”“Suicide Squad” co-producer Alex Ott (“Fury”), Jackie Sollitto, casting associate at David Rapaport Casting, “The Flash,” “Supergirl,” “Arrow” and I think more guest speakers will be added soon.

It should be easy to say “Yes, ” to the event organizer’s e-mail right? 😀 Why are there just loads of stuff to navigate through it? 🙂


#Voltron #keithandallura #VoltronForce “Arus Eyes” Chapter Ten update

Split view: Allura watching Wade's Forces wreck havoc in town as Drule Forces arrive too.

Split view: Allura watching Wade’s Forces wreck havoc in town as Drule Forces arrive too.

I’ve started “Arus Eyes” a couple of years ago after receiving the Voltron Force boxset from @keithandallura,(check out her blog about Voltron). My muse started throwing ideas and “Arus Eyes” was born. The story was set during the first episode “New School Defenders” and moves further just before episode four, “Coran, Coran.”

“Arus Eyes” is a thriller-lite story where Allura finds about the unresolved murders around town which soon leads to her own kidnapping. Keith sets out to track her down and in the process learns about the war satellites named “Arus Eyes.” Meanwhile, Vela is a former Drule Intelligence officer  also in Arus on mission to find out Commander Kala’s whereabouts. So far, I’ve gotten positive reviews on the story. Thank you!


Finally drafting the last chapter, I can’t wait to start outlining the next stories during the morning. I had to grab my phone to record my story thoughts. 🙂


I was getting stuck with the two drafts I was working on and yesterday I read a tweet from GoIntotheStory about ZERO DARK 30. If novel writers have nanowrimo, I guess in screenwriting it’s ZERO DARK 30. I hope to finish one sensible draft before this month ends along with the treatments. 😀

It’s my first time to join so I have five days  to catch up with my progress. It was cool when inspiration came whilst cooking breakfast and I have a scene and  new dialogues for project six while project eight remains silent.