Dragon Breed: Cloudsbane (Volume 3)

A happy and unexpected find getting all three volumes after much stumbling (and brought up to speed – all 47 podcasts episodes) through Let’s Voltron The Official Voltron Podcast and listened all three parts about the Robotech/Voltron crossover series by Tommy Yune with Elmer Damaso and Bill Spangler – shared their experiences in making the comic series. It was a surprise finding another project outing, this time from team Damaso. 😀

Black Ink

dragon breed 3
Code: BIC0090
Genre: Fantasy / Mystery / Action
Price: P79.75
Pages: 64
Paper: bulky
Size: 6 x 9 inches

Dragon Breed: Cloudsbane– Volume 3
Written by Maria Cornelia Damaso
lllustrated by Elmer Damaso

After the siege of Rockfort, the kingdom and its military start to fortify the castle’s defenses. The sudden influx of monsters and its organized movements still baffle the people of Rockfort.

Meanwhile, Slate of Carob continues to rise within the ranks of Rockfort’s military. His recent victory over the dragon, Thunderguts, has earned the attention of the King and the Princess Azalea.

Major Malachite has devious plans to remove the young officer from the ranks. His plan is to send Slate on a quest for Haelon to confront a great dragon before it wreaks havoc on Meribah. This tips the scales in favor of the dark forces who want the young Dragonbreed out of the way.


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