What Color Lightsaber Would You Wield?

Yeah, pretty much in the #StarWars #TheForceAwaken high. 😀 Find your light saber color here.

You got: Green

Historically, green-bladed lightsabers were the mark of the Jedi Consular. Wielders of green-bladed sabers are generally more diplomatic, and only rely on physical confrontation as a last resort. Jedi that use green-bladed lightsabers tend to be morally good, and prefer to use light-sided Force powers connected to mental abilities, such as the Jedi mind trick.


Green light saber


#KeithandAllura #ArusEyes Story

I’ve sent the final chapter (Chapter Ten) and the epilogue of “Arus Eyes” to my wonderful beta and I hope I haven’t been suffering once more with head hopping as she noticed from the previous chapter.

I hope I achieved some thriller-lite goal for the fanfic. I was hoping for a mystery fanfic but maybe other Voltron Force stories (“Altered” and “Abandoned” may be the next contenders.

A result of an old twitter convo with @keithandallura, here are finally the cast of “Arus Eyes.”  Hopefully, I don’t get flamed for this.

Voltron Force Cast

Those 12 Days of Christmas deals…

After the end of Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays which my friend introduced me to checking out, I did end up getting a  couple of ebooks and a discounted Writers Store package from their 12 Days of Christmas promo.


  • Pixar’s Emotional Core: The Essential Element in all Successful Stories – OnDemand Edition
  • Breaking Story Effectively: Creating the Elements You Need to Write Solid Script Pages – OnDemand Edition
  • From Idea to Story to Screenplay – OnDemand Edition
  • Story Physics – eBook
  • Master Storyteller – Download Edition for Windows
  • Story Engineering: Mastering the 6 Core Competencies of Successful Writing – PDF Edition

I’m excited to start reading more and listening more to the webinars that were included in the package. I thought it was a great deal getting all these for $49.99. It was in my high-end but I wanted to check these items so no more expenses this April 2016, I hope. 😀

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How to Write About Characters Who Are Smarter Than You by @MrGrahamMoore

I wish there was way to re-blog Moore’s post to WordPress since I thought this would very interesting to add. You can read about how it tackled Alan Turing in writing “Imitation Game” and who provided the inspiration to develop the screenplay. I may have to read the “Imitation Game” screenplay soon too to be able to relate further in Moore’s post.