Act Two Blues…

Not a pretty task to do when I found myself wondering why the story trains of thoughts had ceased streaming several weeks ago. Sure, there were instances when I had these “idea bulbs” but I wasn’t able to follow through which soon stalled the writing momentum.

A couple of blogs I followed: Going into the Story and The ScriptLab mentioned about protecting your writing time whether you write 10 minutes a day or write an hour day as if it was a jealous lover, or you’ll never get a scene on paper. I think like all things that are important in life, re-prioritizing needs to happen and instilling some semblance of discipline.

So after whittling out the usual culprits which stalled my writing (it will be different with everybody), I went back to re-reading a couple of articles about ACT TWO found in The ScriptLab and the Movie Outline: How to Master the Wild and Wooly Second Act of Your Screenplay.

These two articles have started to clarify more situations for my protagonist and I’ve stumbled upon a little exercise from “How Writing Concept First Help Your Script and Pitch”  that I can use to further streamline my concept.


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