20 Minute Writing Prompt: Write a Multi-Sensory Setting Description!

I’m going to do some writing prompts for a while on Mondays and see how they go. I’ll be keeping them nice and quick, because we often forget that we don’t need a huge swath of un…

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Nancy Drew coming to the TV screens?

I found about the news  two weeks ago.  Actress Sarah Shahi  will be taking the super sleuth title under CBS “Drew” show.

I’ve seen Shahi in “Person of Interest” TV show and in the movie called “Shades of Ray” and I guess I’m still lukewarm with it especially, it was mentioned  that this take on Nancy Drew  is “not your mother’s Nancy Drew.”

I’m fine having multi-ethnic actors gaining lead roles and I applaud the forward movement. I guess for Nancy Drew, just being a beloved and iconic character  – I  did wish they kept her like in the books. Nancy was around 18 y.o. to early 20’s age range (nearly college year) solving mysteries in River Heights. *grinz*

I’ve seen  Nancy Drew (2007) movie and while it was great to see Nancy Drew updated ( I even remembered being so excited), it was probably geared for younger teens.

Anyway, this Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew movie fan casting picks brought the original actors the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew TV series. I had to ask mom and she remembered them. What do you, guys think of the virtual casting choices?

I thought it was spot on having Kelly Blatz as Frank Hardy. I’ve seen him “Aaron Stone” and  I think he can portray the cool as cucumber older brother.  The rest of the cast were good too.

Nancy Drew_Hardy boy

Back in the 1990’s Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys supermysteries kept me company.  I think with buzz about the coming TV series “Drew,” I just found a couple of good sites about exploring the super sleuths. Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys.