Working on #Scrivener

I bought the software during Writers’ Store Christmas deals and it was only a few weeks ago, I’ve started working around the program. It was easy in some areas and not so much in others.

I’m still looking for good tutorial vids focusing on screenwriting using this program but there have been very few online. If you found a good vid, let me know on the comments. Anyway, I managed to get the index cards up.


I’m still trying to get a hang of using the program because I’ve been used to using Word Doc for my draft scripts since screenwriting programs out there are way out of my budget.

I find using Scrivener easier in writing sections of the scenes because the program has already a built-in screenwriting format. Although, it didn’t hurt knowing how to format first on Word Doc too.

I heard through Scrivener vids, (mostly from novelists), they like the notion of writing in chunks. I thought it was a helpful feature because I can move around these index cards if needed for edit or add scenes without deleting everything or in the case of using World Doc, create a separate folder as “Deleted Scenes.” Unfortunately, using that method was tiring because I wasted time scrolling through the scenes to find what I’m looking for, if I wanted to paste it back to the main draft.



4 thoughts on “Working on #Scrivener

  1. I played around with Scrivener, and it does have it’s merits… I find it great when I am developing a project where I have not yet decided on the entire content or direction of the book, allowing me to write and sort out flow later. But I generally have ideas and plot points that come to me fully formed and I use Word with an outline in a spreadsheet. With my plot already worked out, Scrivener causes more issues for me when writing. Though it is very handy when getting to the publishing end of the writing process. Some authors us the program to keep all their notes in as well, where I have a pinboard above my desk that I use… that way I can keep thinking of the novel outside of sitting at my computer, ore shuffle things around if needed. A bit old school but it works more me. I’m visual and tactile in the creative process.
    What is your favored method the write?

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    • Hi there,
      My favorite method to write before was to write fast and let those creative juices flow on Word Doc while that was very advantageous at times, there were areas in my story that I haven’t thought out properly. It wasn’t until I enrolled in a couple of screenwriting classes that I began to appreciate the value of outlining, world-building, writing treatments (still learning this one) fine-tuning characters needs, wants, flaws etc and that, every scene should always be in service to the next scene. I’ve also heard about Scrivener having a feature of keeping all notes, research links all in one place too. It was what drew me to the product. Bookmarking links caused me problems before too. Hopefully, when I use Scrivener’s compile action, I won’t have problems seeing the completed script. 🙂

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