Drafting an episode #amwriting


Over several weeks ago, the germ of an idea began to take shape and like anything else, it was keeping me excited. I’m still researching about the existing characters  and hope the guesses I’ll later make in the script won’t be too glaring enough to hinder the story. I hope it’ll make a good plausible story  to add in #AgentCarter‘s world which I could submit to ScriptapaloozaTV.

Someone gasped?

Yes, yes, tall order but I want to try again. 🙂

I would like to try my hand in writing an Agent Carter TV script.  The show is also being petitioned for Season 3 on Netflix.) The idea prompt came from the live tweeting campaigns #SaveAgentCarter rewatch Season 1 of episodes: #ASinToErr, #IronCeiling, #Blitzkriegbutton, #TimeAndTime, #BridgeAndTunnel and #NowisNotTheEnd.

This also would mean temporarily leaving my two spec projects in a holding pattern which can be a no, no thing to do in the screenwriter’s world.

I’m calling for discipline and hopefully, I’ll be able to complete the roughest draft before July ends then  let it cool off on the shelf  as I get back to my other pending projects.



The image above was also a great reminder to strive  writing as visually as I can.


7 thoughts on “Drafting an episode #amwriting

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    • Coming along just fine while researching too. Writing in chunks do help a lot. I never thought I’d like it. There are still issues about the format saving but I’ll look into some tutorials on how to convert.

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