Stumbling back to King Arthur’s World – enter Prince Valiant.

Oh, man. I was so thrilled finding this entry in my reading list!

“Prince Valiant and the Quest for the Holy Grail: Volumes 11 and 12”  

and then, went back a little further to the related posts and read the post below. I just had to share this  here. 🙂

Because it’s the 75th anniversary of the Prince Valiant comic strip this month, I thought I would summarize and review the first volume of the series, now reprinted by Fantagraphics Book, which covers the first two years of the series in print. Fantagraphics is planning to reprint hopefully the entire series, but so far the […]

via Prince Valiant: Vol. 1, 1937-1938 — CHILDREN OF ARTHUR

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#HayleyAtwell in #AsiaPopComicCon2016 #AgentCarter


After trying to make my August plans to reach a compromise two months ago, it wasn’t a go because those plans also fall on the same dates as Hayley Atwell’s visit here in Manila for the Asiapop Comic Con 2016. It’s quite nerve-wracking because until now, there’s no schedule yet.

Idk if I would venture next year because there’s hotel accommodations to secure and other travel expenses that will likely cause anyone headaches.

Ever since  @AgentCarterTV’s cancellation last May, the Save Agent Carter petition rushed in gear immediately and now it has  over 127k signatures. I really hope Netflix will acquire the show [edit: Netflix explains they why they didn’t save Agent Carter] and iFlixPH will soon add it to their list. “Agent Carter” season is currently in iflixPH.

UPDATE: It was announced last Aug 9, Hayley Atwell’s appearance was cancelled. Read more here. Hopefully, Bridget Regan who portrayed Black Widow Dottie Underwood, will join Hayley Atwell next year. *cross fingers*

Another exciting news GET SCOUTED BY MARVEL!  Have your portfolio reviewed by C.B. Cebulski . I wish there was a writer’s scout from Marvel  too. 🙂

Marvel wants you


Lastly, there’s finally an @AgentCarterPH page for Agent Carter Philippines fans. If you miss Agent Carter,  sign the “Save Agent Carter” petition and connect with Agent Carter Pinoy fans who’ll be at the Asiapopcomic this Aug 26th – 28th.

I leave you this favorite compilation of  #TeamCarter VS #AgentsofShield Dubsmash.

Can you guess who won?  🙂

Catching up with the #screenplay challenges #amwriting

If novel writers have NaNoWriMo then these two examples are for screenwriters. ZeroDark30  and from BlueCatScreenplay is  Goalpost: Write a screenplay in 30 days which AprilAustinWriting blogged here.

screenwriting challenge

BlueCatScreenplay’s screenplay challenge pic is giving me the 1940s vibe so #AgentCarter? I’ll probably follow in invisible mode for these two groups for a while and see if my perseverance can take it. 🙂

#amwriting Progress day on my draft episode #AgentCarter

My good friend  J.Gi Federizo did well in reminding me how was my draft episode project shaping up and so far, I’ve found this new trick writing in chunks very helpful and the built-in index card system is amazing because I can immediately view the notes or parts of the outline shown and  when I clicked the left-hand icon, this brings me to scenes under the index card umbrella I want to continue. I’ve also done re-arranging the index cards like which comes first and so forth, wow. I like the ease of it. Now, I hope compiling won’t be a problem.

Episode_S3 Agent Carter

I’m still building Act One for my… 11th day. Hopefully, these index cards mean  one day a page for me.

How many pages for act 1 in a episodic TV?

Looking up Smallville, they have 15 pages (excluding the teaser pages) so I have five more to go to round out Act 1. Oh, speaking of  this show, years back,  my friend came up with idea for the show’s season 5. I scribbled it and we’ve entitled  it “Pieces.”  I decided to enter it in of Scriptapalooza’s TV competition  unfortunately, it didn’t make it and I can’t remember if I opted for feedback. Oh, well. Just part of the learning curve.

I have yet to check out “The Flash” (2014)   script if they have similarities in page count for Act one. I have “Supernatural” but I can’t seem to find it.  I see from Scriptfly  they’ve acquired “The Flash 2014” and more “Smallville” scripts for study. I’m waiting for “Rosetta” though because this was the episode where Christopher Reeve (RIP) guest starred and one of  my fave episodes, story-wise.

I’m also curious to read about “Lost” show bible too which Scriptfly have posted. I would like to learn how to develop a show’s bible.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan of the show & only watched S1.

I’m really hoping “Agent Carter” scripts will be up soon because that will be most helpful for me to get the feel of the show on paper.

San Diego Comic Con 2016 #SDCC


Looks like another  big event to attend if only it was easy and not such a hassle. I would love to sit in during the writers’ panel since Lindsey Allen, one of the writers from Agent Carter is one of the guests.  Other Marvel writers from other TV shows will be present too.  Their topic’s quite intriguing too.



I found this short article “Did you know the most Hollywood screenwriters used to be women?” Food for thought.

Another event I’d like to sit in even if I don’t have a faintest clue in costume design is Giovanna Melton’s panel, Agent Carter costume designer.

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North by Northwest by Alfred Hitchcock #screenplaystudy

North_by Northwest

After hearing mentions several times in TV episodes, I finally was able to watch while I read the script over a period of a month since I was pausing at every page and let  my mind digest what was on the screen. It took  re-arranging my schedule but eventually, I was finished.  I liked the movie at lot and when I read the script (first 20 pages) before  I watched the film, I was at the edge of my seat. The mistaken identity scenario has been played a lot over the years but seemed to have gone to the comedic vein like “Dave”  which has been my all-time fave.

I’ve found list of mistaken identity movies, haven’t seen all but so far on the thriller genre “North by Northwest” is a fave while on comedy, it has to be “Dave” movie.

When #comicbook-verse and #TV-verse collide

I’m currently speed-reading through the comics in connection with my research and I’m really appreciating the old Captain America 1941 -1951 series. All these panels were really drawn with vibrant action intensity. It always leaves me staring at the panels longer than most modern comics issues. I also can’t help noticed the side captions too such as  the third pic, bottom right. These panels can be poetic. 🙂

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