When #comicbook-verse and #TV-verse collide

I’m currently speed-reading through the comics in connection with my research and I’m really appreciating the old Captain America 1941 -1951 series. All these panels were really drawn with vibrant action intensity. It always leaves me staring at the panels longer than most modern comics issues. I also can’t help noticed the side captions too such as  the third pic, bottom right. These panels can be poetic. 🙂

It could be the comic book  newbie side of me but there’s one notable artist & painter I’m following these days. Ever since  J.K. Woodward made “Dr.Who and Star Trek: The Next Generation series” cover and interiors, I made up my mind to keep track of his other projects. I’ll post about this in later date…

Back to Captain America comics….

Some more examples of those poetic sidebars.

Are they  what they were called? I should have paid attention to Art Basics back in grade school. I still cringed at my rudimentary comic book (all five pages) I had to submit. I wished I managed to save the assignment. It would be fun to look at it.

What else? Yeah, I have to agree with what other artists more familiar with Jack Kirby’s and Joe Simon’s work and some more interviews can be found in this magazine, which I’m taking my time to read. 🙂


Now, as I’m fine-tuning more elements of my #AgentCarter spec episode, I was surprised to be briefly introduced to comic book-Thompson (top right pic) and wondered if it this was a foreshadowing for what will happen/ had happened to Chief Jack Thompson (left picture) portrayed by Chad Michael Murray  for Season 3. Since we saw the misfortune of him getting shot by an unknown intruder when he was packing his things  for New York at the end of Season 2.

I really hope not and from another fan of the show, who delightfully became responsible for directing my attention to these comic book back issues (she only recommended Peggy’s appearances), led me to find this tidbit about comic book -Thompson.


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