San Diego Comic Con 2016 #SDCC


Looks like another  big event to attend if only it was easy and not such a hassle. I would love to sit in during the writers’ panel since Lindsey Allen, one of the writers from Agent Carter is one of the guests.  Other Marvel writers from other TV shows will be present too.  Their topic’s quite intriguing too.



I found this short article “Did you know the most Hollywood screenwriters used to be women?” Food for thought.

Another event I’d like to sit in even if I don’t have a faintest clue in costume design is Giovanna Melton’s panel, Agent Carter costume designer.




Another writer from the Agent Carter camp who will be at SDCC is Brandon Easton.



Lastly one of the creatives of Agent Carter, Jose Molina.


This is quite a nice turnout seeing creatives and writers from #AgentCarter.


11 thoughts on “San Diego Comic Con 2016 #SDCC

  1. That seems like a great list of topics! Too bad you can’t be there. Incidentally, we have the local comic con on Aug. 6, baka feel me pumunta, just to see if you’d like it. Anyhoo, did you see my new post already?

    BTW, reblogging this later 😉

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      • Oh, I see. Well, just to let you know, you won’t need to spend much. I haven’t been there for 2 to 3 years (can’t believe it’s been that long) but usually, cheapskate that I am, I usually only allowed myself to spend a maximum of P500. That really depends on what you want to buy and how you’re going to buy.

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      • Oh, don’t say that. 😦 It’s not easy to drop everything at a moment’s notice these days. I didn’t even want to go with Mom pero she needs help traveling these days and trip is important to her. It has caused mother-daughter friction the past several months and I don’t want to have a repeat of it.


      • “It’s not easy to drop everything at a moment’s notice these days.” Yeah, I know. How I know! Di nga ako makakasama sa outing namin this weekend. Talagang dapat, family first. So no problem, Raine, and sorry, just joking.

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  2. You did not reply to my text so dito na lang…I can’t make it tomorrow 😦 Punta sana ako, but I have been coping with family matters for a week now so I need to be at home…Sa November/December na lang ako…


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