#HayleyAtwell in #AsiaPopComicCon2016 #AgentCarter


After trying to make my August plans to reach a compromise two months ago, it wasn’t a go because those plans also fall on the same dates as Hayley Atwell’s visit here in Manila for the Asiapop Comic Con 2016. It’s quite nerve-wracking because until now, there’s no schedule yet.

Idk if I would venture next year because there’s hotel accommodations to secure and other travel expenses that will likely cause anyone headaches.

Ever since  @AgentCarterTV’s cancellation last May, the Save Agent Carter petition rushed in gear immediately and now it has  over 127k signatures. I really hope Netflix will acquire the show [edit: Netflix explains they why they didn’t save Agent Carter] and iFlixPH will soon add it to their list. “Agent Carter” season is currently in iflixPH.

UPDATE: It was announced last Aug 9, Hayley Atwell’s appearance was cancelled. Read more here. Hopefully, Bridget Regan who portrayed Black Widow Dottie Underwood, will join Hayley Atwell next year. *cross fingers*

Another exciting news GET SCOUTED BY MARVEL!  Have your portfolio reviewed by C.B. Cebulski . I wish there was a writer’s scout from Marvel  too. 🙂

Marvel wants you


Lastly, there’s finally an @AgentCarterPH page for Agent Carter Philippines fans. If you miss Agent Carter,  sign the “Save Agent Carter” petition and connect with Agent Carter Pinoy fans who’ll be at the Asiapopcomic this Aug 26th – 28th.

I leave you this favorite compilation of  #TeamCarter VS #AgentsofShield Dubsmash.

Can you guess who won?  🙂


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