Stumbling back to King Arthur’s World – enter Prince Valiant.

Oh, man. I was so thrilled finding this entry in my reading list!

“Prince Valiant and the Quest for the Holy Grail: Volumes 11 and 12”  

and then, went back a little further to the related posts and read the post below. I just had to share this  here. 🙂

Because it’s the 75th anniversary of the Prince Valiant comic strip this month, I thought I would summarize and review the first volume of the series, now reprinted by Fantagraphics Book, which covers the first two years of the series in print. Fantagraphics is planning to reprint hopefully the entire series, but so far the […]

via Prince Valiant: Vol. 1, 1937-1938 — CHILDREN OF ARTHUR

It was through my Mom stories where she shared about going on adventures with Prince Valiant – reading the comic books kept her company when she was down with tonsillitis and fever for the summer.

This also reminded me of the animated series I followed back in the mid-90s.  “The Legend of Prince Valiant” which just had the most (imo) epic theme song, entitled  “Where the Truth Lies,” by Exchange   made for TV animation.

When I first heard it back in 1995, (I think) I was surprised. I thought it was an animated movie but no, a TV animated show! 🙂

The  end credit song was very good too. For instrumental here and the other, which was just as swoon worthy as the opening theme entitled  “Love Called Out My Name.”

I have to post the lyrics for both songs soon. I want to keep it here. Yes, I’m excited now.

Read more about Prince Valiant and visit Prince Valiant: The Warrior for All Time site.


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