First week of 2017 #amwriting

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Re-read a writing requirement these past few days and I thought I might get away with my chosen setting  for a possible consideration but it looked like I have to follow the rules first and train to view stories set for local readers.

I’ve made some progress with my  Christmas story until Page 4. I stopped  to re-think due to the requirement.  I’m still unsure if I can migrate most of the characters in a Philippine historical setting. I know this is a cheat  but I got so attached to a 10-yo character in the story.  🙂



4 thoughts on “First week of 2017 #amwriting

  1. In my honest opinion, you can do it, but it will take some time and even research. Speaking of changing to local setting, I’ve been toying with the idea of putting my old, unfinished story KING ARTHUR’S DAUGHTER in local setting. I don’t think it’ll be that hard as there’s not much need to be historical. Definitely, names and words will be changed, especially the title. After all, KING ARTHUR is not a Filipino character…UGH. But I am torn because there are other projects I need to focus on first, particularly Maya. It’s hard not to have a laptop to work on. I leave mine at home because it’s gone looney.

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    • Maybe you need to do a priority writing list? If Maya is the one, see if you can complete it in six months. Take a break, let “Maya” cool sa shelf so to speak. After taking 2 weeks off, tackle the next writing project. I try to do this with my own projects especially if I want to try out for the competitions. Still a long way. I fondly recall reading “King Arthur’s Daughter.” Maybe use Lakandula in place of King Arthur? I often wondered what tales about Lapu-lapu were passed down when I was in Cebu. “Lapu-Lapu’s Daughter” could work for local setting. 😀 Just brainstorming.

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