To loot or not to loot for a Dream Crate from #LootCrate

My good friend The End Justifies The Journey surprised me with her dream crate theme and after reading a couple of links she shared from fellow dream crate wishers, I thought I’d give this a go.

I’ve also heard about this monthly subscriptions boxes too. I didn’t know there was such a thing because being half-way across the globe, international shipping expenses alone can give one a coronary.  Despite these economic downturns, these lovely curated and fascinating boxes are a joy to receive from what I’ve seen from several pictures on Twitter and also, from my friend CappucinowithJules she received a while back from a different pop box.

Loot Crate is a monthly subscription service geared not only to tickle  but to satisfy your inner geek, gamer needs,  & favorite pop culture styles by having monthly themed releases  ranging from exclusive merchandises, wearables, comic books and more! They also have a section catering to the specific crowd too! If you’re a #Potterhead Wizarding World Crate  might be just the thing, or a Marvel fan – hop over to Marvel Gear +Goods Crate or if you have friend who’s a huge WWE fan then the WWE Slam Crate will be up the alley.

So what would be my Dream Crate? I named it “Keepsake Creations” as nod to artisans, concept designers, visual artists etc in creating memorable products.

  1. Anastasia’s locket & music box.  The music box is pictured here and I’ve read the new musical didn’t opt to use the pendant.
  2. LOTR Awen Evenstar pendant – All the Elven artifacts from Elrond’s study would be great but I’ll still to this one, easy to carry. lolz

    “The Evenstar …and she took a white gem like a star that lay upon her breast hanging upon a silver chain…”

  3. Steve Rogers sketchbook – I’d be interested flipping through the pages of his art work, which seemed to act like a visual diary too and maybe for us, #Steggy fans, may find a portrait of Agent Carter herself. 😀

    Steve at the front lines during WWII with Peggy Carter

  4. “Peggy and Steve finally having their dance”   commissioned art work (I wish today’s rate 1 Php Peso  = 1US even today and not eons ago)  from my fave comic artist Mr. JKWoodward

    #wonderwoman #wonderwomanday #gouache on 12 x 18 hotpress.

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  5.  Letters to Juliet book – after having seen “Letters to Juliet” movie, I was intrigued finding out a group of women  answering letters from matters of the heart voluntarily before and now,  sanctioned by the City of Verona. 

#AgentCarter “Imagine It” Contest… deadline approaches

After a slight fiasco with my desktop, I’m getting around to re-posting this.  Hope all you agents have finalized your entries.  🙂 I’ve tweaked and tweaked my opening scene entry thanks to The End Justifies the Journey input, which only lead to going beyond the word count. Lolz