#amwriting Treatments

I started 2017 by  writing treatments and thought of finishing one per month per story idea! Maybe it was too idealistic but I wanted to throw it out there and push myself. Unfortunately, I haven’t paid close attention to my schedule and before I knew it, I was overran with several family problems (again, sheesh, when do I get a break).

Then of all the unlikely things to get motivated was catching again the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies  this past month! It  awakened once again the flame to finish  treatments.  August is nearly winding down so this was a good time to write fast, brainstorm through and really FINE TUNE later.

I’m still learning how to make a proper treatment and hopefully, I’ve managed to get the basics down at least.  It was funny as I was madly typing the paragraphs, the muse took me more into my protagonist background and her family dynamics. I’ve also started to delve more into the antagonists too, which was just fantastic because earlier this year, I was stumped and couldn’t define clearly who were my antagonists. I also had a huge help with Mr. Max Timm’s free class last March even if I wasn’t able to complete the whole course but the first early topics helped me in whittle down more the motives of my characters. I just have to be careful not to fall on cliche traps I guess and then, I’ll be fine. *cross-fingers*

I saw this pic and was reminded of “The Lady Vanishes” Hitchcock  movie I saw when I hospitalized years back.  Would have wanted to see the whole movie though. I was caught by my nurse telling me its “light’s out.” lolz


2 thoughts on “#amwriting Treatments

  1. Hope your family issues are now resolved. Yay “Pirates”! 😀 I saw a bit of “The Lady Vanishes” and also plan on watching the entire thing. Hitchcock was a master of suspense. Would love to find out about the antagonists you created haha. Writers always seem to have fun crafting their antagonists 😉

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    • Little by little the issues are being resolved, I really hope soon. I’ll get back to “The Lady Vanishes” copy or stream after I’m out of the “Starman” mode. lolz Sure, will drop a post or two about one of my antagonists until I find a way to keep my muse from changing it again and again. hahah I think they do. 😀


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