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I’ve sent the final chapter (Chapter Ten) and the epilogue of “Arus Eyes” to my wonderful beta and I hope I haven’t been suffering once more with head hopping as she noticed from the previous chapter.

I hope I achieved some thriller-lite goal for the fanfic. I was hoping for a mystery fanfic but maybe other Voltron Force stories (“Altered” and “Abandoned” may be the next contenders.

A result of an old twitter convo with @keithandallura, here are finally the cast of “Arus Eyes.”  Hopefully, I don’t get flamed for this.

Voltron Force Cast


#Voltron #keithandallura #VoltronForce “Arus Eyes” Chapter Ten update

Split view: Allura watching Wade's Forces wreck havoc in town as Drule Forces arrive too.

Split view: Allura watching Wade’s Forces wreck havoc in town as Drule Forces arrive too.

I’ve started “Arus Eyes” a couple of years ago after receiving the Voltron Force boxset from @keithandallura,(check out her blog about Voltron). My muse started throwing ideas and “Arus Eyes” was born. The story was set during the first episode “New School Defenders” and moves further just before episode four, “Coran, Coran.”

“Arus Eyes” is a thriller-lite story where Allura finds about the unresolved murders around town which soon leads to her own kidnapping. Keith sets out to track her down and in the process learns about the war satellites named “Arus Eyes.” Meanwhile, Vela is a former Drule Intelligence officer  also in Arus on mission to find out Commander Kala’s whereabouts. So far, I’ve gotten positive reviews on the story. Thank you!


Finally drafting the last chapter, I can’t wait to start outlining the next stories during the morning. I had to grab my phone to record my story thoughts. 🙂