Really, really plan ahead…

While I was able to purchase the event tix, it was such a very long shot of making it before the date. Had the local trip been pushed on a later date, I would have actually made it. There were a lot of factors: re-visiting the embassy site and reading the fine prints, there were items not mentioned on the site which I found out through the visa assistance consultant. Apparently, I would still need sponsorship letter and a letter of invitation along with the pertinent documents for submission with my visa¬†renewal application form. ūüė¶

Proverbs 21:5

I did feel the¬†tiniest¬†disappointed¬†because I felt I was missing an¬†opportunity ¬†but curiously, as I prayed about¬†the circumstances I was in, that small still voice rang in mind to write treatments first and not be worried so I’m doing just that. I’ll keep the tix as a remembrance. ūüôā

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