Five Favorite Movies Inspired by Books

After reading award-winning author Nicole Evelina post on her five favorite movies inspired by books challenge, I decided to note my favorites too.

  1. All “LOTR” and “The Hobbit” movies – I thought it was quite ambitious & very masterfully done in condensing Tolkien’s legendarium for a non-fantasy reader. I soon later began reading the books and  appreciated them.
  2. The Finest Hours” – I haven’t the read book but the movie was very thrilling. A great show of a person’s indomitable spirit. The book is in my TBR list.
  3. Testament of Youth” – Quite moving film from Vera Brittain’s book of the same title. I haven’t read it tho Idk if it’s still available on ebook format. I’ve read some reviews and some readers find it difficult to understand due to the ‘old’ English (not King James English) style of writing.
  4. “The Spook’s Apprentice” books (the first book)  or “The Seventh Son’ in the movie. It was a  promising endeavor but it left me with a mix bag of emotions. I thought making Ward older was a good choice but the rest of the changes left me wondering why it went in the direction we see in the film. I’m currently reading the series and I’m liking the way the world and the characters were written.
  5. Me Before You” – haven’t read the book yet but the movie was nicely done. By end of the movie,  Will’s decision made me shudder.

Those are my top five movies inspired by books off the top of my head, what are yours?


Ant-Man: Luis Steals the Show

Yes, I have to agree.

*Spoiler alert! This post may have some minor spoilers.* Ant-man is, I think, one of Marvel Cinema’s best movies. It’s in my top five favorites of the movies (up there with Winter Soldi…

Source: Ant-Man: Luis Steals the Show

Michael Pena in  Jimmy Fallon’s show. 

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North by Northwest by Alfred Hitchcock #screenplaystudy

North_by Northwest

After hearing mentions several times in TV episodes, I finally was able to watch while I read the script over a period of a month since I was pausing at every page and let  my mind digest what was on the screen. It took  re-arranging my schedule but eventually, I was finished.  I liked the movie at lot and when I read the script (first 20 pages) before  I watched the film, I was at the edge of my seat. The mistaken identity scenario has been played a lot over the years but seemed to have gone to the comedic vein like “Dave”  which has been my all-time fave.

I’ve found list of mistaken identity movies, haven’t seen all but so far on the thriller genre “North by Northwest” is a fave while on comedy, it has to be “Dave” movie.

What’s your fave Christmas movies?

It’s usually this month or around first week of December that I have a working Christmas list of movies to watch but somehow I’m failing my own tradition. 😀

It’s probably due to the backlog of re-writing I’m doing and getting wonderfully sidetracked when I found “Dragonbreed” comic books at the local shop the other day. (Yeah, still at it, give it another day) and I’m also finally re-polishing fanfic from a re-awakened fandom. 😀

My Christmas movie list from two or three years ago. I would have wanted to add the list via picture type to this post but WordPress can’t seem to support the file link.

The Christmas miracle

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey