Merry Christmas!

Merry Xmas

Let us reflect this 2015 for all our highs and lows and face 2016 with more cheer and delight.  Here’s an unreleased track “After All It’s Christmas” by A1 which for some reason has this Hallmark  movie feels.


Disney Pixar Short LAVA – Cover Mark Read, A1, Inside Out

I’ve only seen pictures of “The Little Matchgirl” and “Tick Tock Tale” and lastly, “Lava” Disney’s latest collection of shorts and Lava, reminded me of Hawaii.  Aloha! 😀 Once again, Mark leaves us smiling with his cover. I like it when a song has a story feel to it.

Lava by Kuana Torres Kahele, Napua Greig, and James Ford Murphy

A long long time ago there was a volcano
Living all alone in the middle of the sea

He sat high above his bay watching all the couples play
And wishing that he had someone too
And from his lava came this song of hope that he sang
Out loud everyday for years and years

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