Catch The Rel/Event Series Part 2


My plans aren’t falling into place yet. Ahhhh Check out more info from Erman_LA’s and The Rel/Event twitter feed


Rel/Event Part 2


It’s back and I want to go.

Yet I’m feeling the beginnings of a headache-induced travel docs preparation hassle.

I would like to rant but I see the point too.  The embassy has set those stiff prerequisites as safeguards for future serious travelers  in order to whittle out still other unpleasant tactics.

With significant reasons to want to attend  conferences, screenwriting summits, screenwriting panels and recently, I found out that it would be even fortuitous for a newbie writer interested in writing animation to  even attend Comic-Cons.

I have to haul my travel documents ready and hopefully, following the checklist I don’t leave anything out and pray what I’m doing is right or if this is the time to take this opportunity.

The lineup has been growing since I saw the announcement last November 2 from  #StarWarsTheForceAwakens exec producer Tommy HarperDoug Jung, screenwriter, “Star Trek Beyond,”“Suicide Squad” co-producer Alex Ott (“Fury”), Jackie Sollitto, casting associate at David Rapaport Casting, “The Flash,” “Supergirl,” “Arrow” and I think more guest speakers will be added soon.

It should be easy to say “Yes, ” to the event organizer’s e-mail right? 😀 Why are there just loads of stuff to navigate through it? 🙂


Really, really plan ahead…

While I was able to purchase the event tix, it was such a very long shot of making it before the date. Had the local trip been pushed on a later date, I would have actually made it. There were a lot of factors: re-visiting the embassy site and reading the fine prints, there were items not mentioned on the site which I found out through the visa assistance consultant. Apparently, I would still need sponsorship letter and a letter of invitation along with the pertinent documents for submission with my visa renewal application form. 😦

Proverbs 21:5

I did feel the tiniest disappointed because I felt I was missing an opportunity  but curiously, as I prayed about the circumstances I was in, that small still voice rang in mind to write treatments first and not be worried so I’m doing just that. I’ll keep the tix as a remembrance. 🙂

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More on… The Rel/Event Series: Part I

Event details.  I’m praying for a miracle. 😀 I’ll  prolly be glued to my seat listening throughout the event.

The Rel/Event Series: Part I

The Rel/Event Series: Part I

The REL/Event Series

The REL/Event Series

Event organizer Mr. Erman Baradi has an upcoming panel from talent representation, TV and film production and casting directors panel ( Casting Director David Rapaport of shows “DC Legends, Flash” and “Supergirl.”) and other panels soon to be announced. This looks like it’s going to be an interesting event to check out and I hope I can 😀

especially, to join the others sitting in through Casting Director April Webster’s section.