The #30day #screenwriting challenge launched by ISA (Intl Screenwriters Association) #amwriting

If the novel writers have their NaNoWriMo month, Max Timm, founder of the “The Craft Course in Screenwriting”, launched this free course for neophytes of all levels, which started last April 20 to extend until June 20. Whew!

I liked the course. It has a mix of podcast files and transcripts if you feel listening will make you miss all the information.

The text lessons were a good add too just when my CPU broke down. It would have been tiresome listening through my device (no external speakers bought yet) without resorting to wearing earphones because I’d like to keep my ears tinnitus free.

There were assignments at every of lesson as well. Unfortunately, I’ve lagged behind ( big time) I’m still Day 4!

A lot of things to consider in constructing characters and hitting those story beats that has been keeping me preoccupied enough so  I’m stumbling along my momentum, not to mention an ““Agent Carter S3 Fanfic Contest”  opening act scene, which I’ve yet to add more meat it its bare bones. lolz

Too bad, I wasn’t able to get back to starting up my Marvel Unlimited monthly subscription since it would have been so useful for research. What I’ve written to my Agent Carter opening scene came from the back issues I’ve read. No thanks to this present prexcy of the country remarks causing our currency to weaken against the dollar. So strange though in the previous administrations, if our currency moved just one peg up in the currency exchange against the US dollar, everyone’s up and throwing tantrums and tirade…now, it felt like everyone’s shoved back in wait-&-see silence.  Oooookay, going off the rails.

Back to screenwriting. Right now, write lessons and digest along the way before the course ends completely. 🙂


FAN FICTION Screenplay Festival. Deadline 29th of every month #amwriting

Submit your story/film from an existing body of work and have it performed/showcased at the festival.

Source: FAN FICTION Screenplay Festival. Deadline 29th of every month

Yesterday, I was reminded of this event and for a long while I didn’t know which scripts I could submit then I realized I’ve written two fan scripts before. One for Smallville and the other was a TV pilot spec when “Charmed” ended. I’ll have to re-read them once more if runaway spaces came up again when I converted from Doc file to PDF.

I did find my “Smallville Season 6: Pieces” script and “The Charmed Paladins”  script. Yes! I even created a home for “The Charmed Paladins” too if anyone is curious to get the feel of the virtual show. lolz


Well, this was the poster. My photoshop skills now have vanished so pardon if I can’t re-do this now.



The Characters

Oh, I missed those days.  Cappucino withJules and I would share scripts and art dev concepts because she also has her own virtual series called “Ultimately Charmed.” I’ll never forget those times. 🙂

Nostalgic, yeah big time when TV reboots just came just shy away from the originals. I hope they don’t reboot “Charmed.” Just leave it alone.


#amwriting words on paper day….

This was a bit of hiccup since I usually write MWF so having the day ## exercise was not for me but this doesn’t mean I’m not continually adding scenes when I’m away from the computer. My notebook has been super handy and at times, I find my story questions which would lead me to do more research.

From my previous post, I’ve wondered which was best to have antagonist 1 and antagonist 2 meet. I eventually decided  antagonist 1 is so well-ensconced in her cover identity that the inevitable meet with antagonist 2 will just flow from her scene and it did.  😀


#amwriting Words on paper stage, Day 19

I’ve added more background to antagonist #2 and now I’m faced with a block.

How will  antagonist # 1 of the story get in touch with antagonist #2 when their last meeting was years ago in Russia as teenagers?

I didn’t like doing the cliche scenes, such as out-of-the-blue  types:

  • antagonist #1 bumped into antagonist 2 (fated or not)
  • antagonist #1 somehow found out where antagonist #2 had been hiding all along

How do you propose a meeting like this handled?

There’s the matter about the gray-suited man /woman too, we saw at Agent Carter’s season 2 finale. Season three has to happen so sign the new #SaveAgentCarter petition to Marvel. 


Drafting an episode #amwriting


Over several weeks ago, the germ of an idea began to take shape and like anything else, it was keeping me excited. I’m still researching about the existing characters  and hope the guesses I’ll later make in the script won’t be too glaring enough to hinder the story. I hope it’ll make a good plausible story  to add in #AgentCarter‘s world which I could submit to ScriptapaloozaTV.

Someone gasped?

Yes, yes, tall order but I want to try again. 🙂

I would like to try my hand in writing an Agent Carter TV script.  The show is also being petitioned for Season 3 on Netflix.) The idea prompt came from the live tweeting campaigns #SaveAgentCarter rewatch Season 1 of episodes: #ASinToErr, #IronCeiling, #Blitzkriegbutton, #TimeAndTime, #BridgeAndTunnel and #NowisNotTheEnd.

This also would mean temporarily leaving my two spec projects in a holding pattern which can be a no, no thing to do in the screenwriter’s world.

I’m calling for discipline and hopefully, I’ll be able to complete the roughest draft before July ends then  let it cool off on the shelf  as I get back to my other pending projects.



The image above was also a great reminder to strive  writing as visually as I can.


I was getting stuck with the two drafts I was working on and yesterday I read a tweet from GoIntotheStory about ZERO DARK 30. If novel writers have nanowrimo, I guess in screenwriting it’s ZERO DARK 30. I hope to finish one sensible draft before this month ends along with the treatments. 😀

It’s my first time to join so I have five days  to catch up with my progress. It was cool when inspiration came whilst cooking breakfast and I have a scene and  new dialogues for project six while project eight remains silent.

Project Seven: Drafting film screenplay #amwriting

I was feeling excited managing to apply some basic rules to the script and today I was able to snip some action paragraphs to make it lean writing.

I was a little amused because I was somewhat organized now than before after a lot of RL upheavals to get me back to drafting a screenplay now called “Project Seven” while “Project 52” will have to wait.

“Project Seven” came with three titles so far, which I can’t decide  but what was important – the keyword was attached to all three titles. I can easily play around when I’ve reached FADE OUT. 🙂

I’ve maintained a generic title “Project Seven” from my idea notebook that way, I can keep track on what the heck I was working on. I’ve noticed I had a lot of snippets of scenes scrawled from one notebook to another, and playing a guessing game to which idea number it came from was entirely fruitless.

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