Screenwriting Tutorials

Screenwriting tutorials

I had been looking for this email for ages and I’m glad the offer returned this year. However, I found out the promo ran until July 31, 2016. Unfortunately, I was strapped to my expenses so I couldn’t subscribe that quick enough.

I’m interested though and be saving for the monthly access for now since the yearly subscription is too high for me.

To learn more about this, visit their page.


#amwriting Words on paper stage day 18

I decided to change this next progress report title to something more screenplay feel so “words on paper” which I found through re-reading Chapter 4: Building a Character from “Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting” by Syd Field  sounded more apt.

I’ve thought up two antagonists now and slowly building their character backgrounds. I haven’t quite finalized yet which one will be from season 1 arc and the other from the season 2 arc. I still want to keep their identities unknown to the protagonists too. 🙂 Plus, there will be a new recurring protagonist and I hope I’m not overloading everything in one shot. 🙂

#amwriting Progress day on my draft episode #AgentCarter

My good friend  J.Gi Federizo did well in reminding me how was my draft episode project shaping up and so far, I’ve found this new trick writing in chunks very helpful and the built-in index card system is amazing because I can immediately view the notes or parts of the outline shown and  when I clicked the left-hand icon, this brings me to scenes under the index card umbrella I want to continue. I’ve also done re-arranging the index cards like which comes first and so forth, wow. I like the ease of it. Now, I hope compiling won’t be a problem.

Episode_S3 Agent Carter

I’m still building Act One for my… 11th day. Hopefully, these index cards mean  one day a page for me.

How many pages for act 1 in a episodic TV?

Looking up Smallville, they have 15 pages (excluding the teaser pages) so I have five more to go to round out Act 1. Oh, speaking of  this show, years back,  my friend came up with idea for the show’s season 5. I scribbled it and we’ve entitled  it “Pieces.”  I decided to enter it in of Scriptapalooza’s TV competition  unfortunately, it didn’t make it and I can’t remember if I opted for feedback. Oh, well. Just part of the learning curve.

I have yet to check out “The Flash” (2014)   script if they have similarities in page count for Act one. I have “Supernatural” but I can’t seem to find it.  I see from Scriptfly  they’ve acquired “The Flash 2014” and more “Smallville” scripts for study. I’m waiting for “Rosetta” though because this was the episode where Christopher Reeve (RIP) guest starred and one of  my fave episodes, story-wise.

I’m also curious to read about “Lost” show bible too which Scriptfly have posted. I would like to learn how to develop a show’s bible.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan of the show & only watched S1.

I’m really hoping “Agent Carter” scripts will be up soon because that will be most helpful for me to get the feel of the show on paper.

Working on #Scrivener

I bought the software during Writers’ Store Christmas deals and it was only a few weeks ago, I’ve started working around the program. It was easy in some areas and not so much in others.

I’m still looking for good tutorial vids focusing on screenwriting using this program but there have been very few online. If you found a good vid, let me know on the comments. Anyway, I managed to get the index cards up.


I’m still trying to get a hang of using the program because I’ve been used to using Word Doc for my draft scripts since screenwriting programs out there are way out of my budget.

I find using Scrivener easier in writing sections of the scenes because the program has already a built-in screenwriting format. Although, it didn’t hurt knowing how to format first on Word Doc too.

I heard through Scrivener vids, (mostly from novelists), they like the notion of writing in chunks. I thought it was a helpful feature because I can move around these index cards if needed for edit or add scenes without deleting everything or in the case of using World Doc, create a separate folder as “Deleted Scenes.” Unfortunately, using that method was tiring because I wasted time scrolling through the scenes to find what I’m looking for, if I wanted to paste it back to the main draft.


Screenplay reminder….

In the middle of my inventory of screenplay ideas for my idea notebook, I was coming up with so far with 10 draft ideas while the rest must have been hiding in the guise of doodle thoughts.  🙂

I’ve managed to pull my attention back to screenwriting after RL (real life) sent curve balls and almost went over the brink at times before I finally grab hold on to a rope and straightened my head-space and everything else – slow going but it was the alternative I preferred.

I was fortunate to have stumbled upon My Blank Page during my morning skim of tweets and “Avoid the habit of overwriting your screenplay” topic caught my attention. It was great post. It definitely made me think of the current screenplay I’m working on and eager to apply this nugget of knowledge to my other drafts while at the same time integrating what I’ve learned from last year’s class “The Fundamentals of Screenwriting” facilitated by Susan Kougell. She has a new class this July 30, 2015

“The Fundamentals of Screenwriting: Give your Script a Solid Foundation” class

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The “Idea Notebook”

Whether preparing for grade school compositions or high school essays assignments to college thesis  titles, we have been advised to have a handy notebook of ideas.

Idea notebook

Idea notebook

This little reminder I’ve seen on twitter made me think of my idea notebook for screenplay ideas which I like to integrate within the week since I think most of my story ideas were written across a lot of notebooks depending which one I was writing on (yes, there’s a poem notebook, there’s a notebook for fanfiction too lolz) I had at the moment. Tsk.  I think it’s useful to have everything in one place too because it cuts down searching for the idea I like to tackle next. I don’t know why I had that disorganized habit  Haha There were even times, I end up recording a screenplay idea too. I’ll have to hunt down those voice files too. You can check out Scott Myers website for all things Screenwriting and to read up more of Chris Borrelli here.