#Voltron #keithandallura #VoltronForce “Arus Eyes” Chapter Ten update

Split view: Allura watching Wade's Forces wreck havoc in town as Drule Forces arrive too.

Split view: Allura watching Wade’s Forces wreck havoc in town as Drule Forces arrive too.

I’ve started “Arus Eyes” a couple of years ago after receiving the Voltron Force boxset from @keithandallura,(check out her blog about Voltron). My muse started throwing ideas and “Arus Eyes” was born. The story was set during the first episode “New School Defenders” and moves further just before episode four, “Coran, Coran.”

“Arus Eyes” is a thriller-lite story where Allura finds about the unresolved murders around town which soon leads to her own kidnapping. Keith sets out to track her down and in the process learns about the war satellites named “Arus Eyes.” Meanwhile, Vela is a former Drule Intelligence officer  also in Arus on mission to find out Commander Kala’s whereabouts. So far, I’ve gotten positive reviews on the story. Thank you!


Finally drafting the last chapter, I can’t wait to start outlining the next stories during the morning. I had to grab my phone to record my story thoughts. 🙂


#Voltron #KeithandAllura FanFic “Arus Eyes”final two chapters! Yay!

Voltron DVD set sent by keithallura

Voltron DVD set sent by keithallura

DVD set

DVD set look

Yay! I’ve sent Chapter nine of “Arus Eyes” to my beta reader!  Chapter nine had basic scenes in place but as I was resolving three or so story threads, it only made sense I leave open and just close Marsh’s story.  If I maintained to close the  story threads, I’ll prolly be looking at another two year in the making to end the fanfic and it will most likely go beyond ten chapters.

Note to self, make sure to first finish the story before letting my beta reader hang for so long. Opps. I’ve really planned “Arus Eyes” to be 10-chapter story so it was intentional some story threads will be left open enough to pick it up for the next story expansion. The next story is going to be called “The Altered”  which will be continuing the Haggarium thread  and I think my interpretation of Maahox’s experiments. 😀

Those Friday Flash Fictions…

Flash fic prompts

Flash fiction prompts

I used to join Dottie at Tink’s Place for the weekly Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge before unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do now but while I had spare time and inspiration then I’ve decided to link all the prompts and turn it as an flash episode or weekly installment for one big story-verse. 🙂  I just never came up with  what the one main story umbrella for these flash fictions can be called under: “The Fury of the Lost, Nightstorm, The Canyon of Tears, The Warrior Princess, I am Here, The Relic Hunter and her Sidekick, Step to the Sword of Light,” and finally, “The Dax Encounter.”  Once the new challenge pic was posted on Monday, we all had a week to post our flash fictions to participate in the Flash Friday Fictions.

Friday Fiction Flash

Friday Fiction Flash

The fun to apply what I’ve read on screenwriting…

Several years back, I was quite excited to start applying what I’ve read so far in screenwriting and when one of my favorite show aired their finale season,Charmed, I jumped at a chance to create “The Charmed Paladins” and along with my friend  and other fans, we all went along to do our virtual shows.  You can also find the concept video here without a song track.  However, you can browse through the Music Room for some songs making the TCP world.  Some background of the TCP, the virtual episode guide which was fun to create, the recurring characters and lastly, the mainstays: Wyatt, Chris, Victor and Florence Kelly background guides.

Anyway, I’ve decided to share bits of these behind-the-scenes to my project.

The series line up for series opener

The series line up for series opener “The Charmed Paladins”

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