Screenwriting Tutorials

Screenwriting tutorials

I had been looking for this email for ages and I’m glad the offer returned this year. However, I found out the promo ran until July 31, 2016. Unfortunately, I was strapped to my expenses so I couldn’t subscribe that quick enough.

I’m interested though and be saving for the monthly access for now since the yearly subscription is too high for me.

To learn more about this, visit their page.


Working on #Scrivener

I bought the software during Writers’ Store Christmas deals and it was only a few weeks ago, I’ve started working around the program. It was easy in some areas and not so much in others.

I’m still looking for good tutorial vids focusing on screenwriting using this program but there have been very few online. If you found a good vid, let me know on the comments. Anyway, I managed to get the index cards up.


I’m still trying to get a hang of using the program because I’ve been used to using Word Doc for my draft scripts since screenwriting programs out there are way out of my budget.

I find using Scrivener easier in writing sections of the scenes because the program has already a built-in screenwriting format. Although, it didn’t hurt knowing how to format first on Word Doc too.

I heard through Scrivener vids, (mostly from novelists), they like the notion of writing in chunks. I thought it was a helpful feature because I can move around these index cards if needed for edit or add scenes without deleting everything or in the case of using World Doc, create a separate folder as “Deleted Scenes.” Unfortunately, using that method was tiring because I wasted time scrolling through the scenes to find what I’m looking for, if I wanted to paste it back to the main draft.


Those 12 Days of Christmas deals…

After the end of Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays which my friend introduced me to checking out, I did end up getting a  couple of ebooks and a discounted Writers Store package from their 12 Days of Christmas promo.


  • Pixar’s Emotional Core: The Essential Element in all Successful Stories – OnDemand Edition
  • Breaking Story Effectively: Creating the Elements You Need to Write Solid Script Pages – OnDemand Edition
  • From Idea to Story to Screenplay – OnDemand Edition
  • Story Physics – eBook
  • Master Storyteller – Download Edition for Windows
  • Story Engineering: Mastering the 6 Core Competencies of Successful Writing – PDF Edition

I’m excited to start reading more and listening more to the webinars that were included in the package. I thought it was a great deal getting all these for $49.99. It was in my high-end but I wanted to check these items so no more expenses this April 2016, I hope. 😀

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