When one of your fave actors says farewell to a character…

Typically, this happens when the actor has finally reached the end of her/his character’s story line such as Sarah Blake from Supernatural (returned) and the TV series also, is finally making/made the final bow.

Sarah Blake (portrayed by Taylor Cole) fortunately, came back though but my friend and I didn’t expect her ending to be like that. Go check out the whole series of Supernatural or look her up in “Provenance” episode, Sarah’s first appearance.

“Provenance” was a huge favorite for me and as I’ve mentioned in her comment, we hoped to have seen more of Sarah in S2 & S3 or maybe even a spin-off for her character. *grinz*

Spin-offs? I did have an idea after Ms. Taylor Cole replied last year. Then, I revisited the working title of the spin-off this morning when I was flipping through the pages of my notepad for the movie idea I had been cultivating this time too. Yes, I have moments when two ideas simultaneously came traipsing in my mind. Ha. I need to lay all those words down quick or just an outline be helpful so I don’t forget.

I don’t know what I’ll do with Sarah Black spin-off. It’s going to be another practice run for me to write just like most of my screenwriting endeavors have been lately. *grinz*

Do you also have a spin-off idea for Sarah Blake too?

A rom-com and a new contest

Last month, I submitted a 15-min rom-com piece for the local contest hosted by Owl Films Philippines and while, I didn’t place, it felt good to get back to writing a little piece. It was funny because I was flailing about and was walking around the house to get me out of the rut but it took an encouragement from my favorite author and TV writer to give me the extra push for the final leg.

The contest didn’t offer feedback so hopefully, in the future, it can do so either for winning and non-winning pieces.

Now, there’s an international contest which was posted on the freelancer page last week and this time it’s for a short play category. I’m trying out for this. Now, I wish I hadn’t unsubscribed from the mailing list of the site which has a repository of plays for educational purposes. I’ll have to track that down next week.

Re-visiting “Love Never Dies” Musical

“Love Never Dies” cast Melbourne production
Sharon Millerchip as Meg Giry, Simon Gleeson as Raoul, Ben Lewis as The Phantom/Mr.Y, Anna O’Byrne as Christine, Maria Mercedes as Madame Giry, Paul Tabone as Squelch, Emma J. Hawkin as Fleck and Dean Vince as Gangle

Two Fridays ago, “Love Never Dies” musical was a part of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s #TheShowsMustGoOn #HomeisWheretheMusicIs series and it was so fantastic seeing it again after watching the HBO special back in 2012 and then my own hiatus of appreciating musicals took over to be awakened by these weekly specials.

Once a while, my muse will will tease me with a one-shot fic or a little story. Well, three days ago, it was a songfic… Idk. It’s rough. A little background of this song why my muse thought it was good idea for a springboard. ūüėÄ

Gustave wakes from a nightmare “Please, mother I’m scared.” From LND

As you recall, Gustave woke from a startling nightmare, saying “he sees a strange man seizing me and drowning me….” This was quite interesting and wonder if it was hint or just a glimpse of Gustave’s “sensitive” side? ESP?

Then the next day Gustave met the Phantom to take his offer of showing him the sights of Coney Island. As the Phantom was about to arrange “their little adventure” Gustave began playing a tune on the piano which made the Phantom stop in his tracks. What was the tune? If you’re a new comer head over to iTunes to buy the digital download of the movie.

Here’s the little song fic. I imagine it to have the same stylistics of “Mother, Please, I’m scared” then crosses over with the melodies of “The Beauty Underneath” too since both songs were Gustave singing. The Phantom has also already unmasked himself, Gustave is still digesting the Phantom’s world and this songfic happens in between that briefest slot just before Gustave screams….

Gustave Questions

How can this be? Am I locked in a dream?

A space between wakefulness and light sleep?

For all in those dreams, this face I always see.

Phantom: Tell me more about these dreams, little vicomte.

Why do you come by nightmare always there to bring dread and fear?

Reaching out by the water, wending your way to me as if it mattered.

By those hands you seized me, so in terror, I break free and flee

Yet you never follow, you chose to remain to the spot where I left you fore-knowingly.

Phantom: Who are you to me?

Gustave screams seeing clearly more of Phantom’s face.

Then to my delight, when I was listening to “Love Never Dies” album yesterday, there were sections of the “The Beauty Underneath” song I haven’t heard at all. I found the complete lyrics of the “The Beauty Underneath” and while it may have missed some words but it was still okay.

I’ll ask Unofficial_ Ben_ Lewis IG owner about this since she saw the production live. [Update] I no longer needed to ask since I read in Love Never Dies Blogspot, the song was re-worked for the US tour. I’m still ecstatic Ben Lewis recorded it in the Love Never Dies album. It just completes it.

Blogspot to WordPress

Since friends have migrated their blogspots to WordPress ages ago, I had been holding out because I was thinking of keeping my WordPress version ‘cleaner’ less clutter when it came to posting my story adventures. 

With this in mind, I’ve decided in selecting which posts from my blogspots (Passages of the Pen and The Charmed PaladinsTV the virtual series site)  will be in WordPress. Those backdated posts will serve as  my memento of creating the flash-fictions and the virtual TV series. The downside to this strategy would be the comments not included and so, I came up with a solution of  copy and paste at the end of the stories. 

When I found my TCP music saved folder…

it reminded me of the time I was happily preoccupied/ labored in building  The Charmed Paladins site and surprisingly, it gave me a scene-spiration  today!  If I had completely rolled out what I had visioned for the virtual series back in 2011 it would have explored more  about the women of TCP series. 

For this story moment, it was only :¬† Linda Maeren Eldreth (Wyatt Halliwell’s highschool sweetheart, lots of history with the two), Bianca Frances Walsh (A¬† Phoenix witch and Chris’ sweetheart, yeah, another long history there) and Tammy Holden (Derek Jr.’s sweetheart, another set of history there too), where in focus.

Continue reading

#amwriting Treatments

I started 2017 by ¬†writing treatments and thought of finishing one per month per story idea! Maybe it was too idealistic but I wanted to throw it out there and push myself. Unfortunately, I haven’t paid close attention to my schedule and before I knew it, I was overran with several family problems (again, sheesh, when do I get a break).

Then of all the unlikely things to get motivated was catching again the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies ¬†this past month! It ¬†awakened once again the flame to finish ¬†treatments. ¬†August is nearly winding down so this was a good time to write fast, brainstorm through and really FINE TUNE later.

I’m still learning how to make a proper treatment and hopefully, I’ve managed to get the basics down at least. ¬†It was funny as I was madly typing the paragraphs, the muse took me more into my protagonist background and her family dynamics. I’ve also started to delve more into the antagonists too, which was just fantastic because earlier this year, I was stumped and couldn’t define clearly who were my antagonists. I also had a huge help with Mr. Max Timm’s free class last March even if I wasn’t able to complete the whole course but the first early topics helped me in whittle down more the motives of my characters. I just have to be careful not to fall on cliche traps I guess and then, I’ll be fine. *cross-fingers*

I saw this pic and was reminded of “The Lady Vanishes” Hitchcock ¬†movie I saw when I hospitalized years back. ¬†Would have wanted to see the whole movie though. I was caught by my nurse telling me its “light’s out.” lolz

To loot or not to loot for a Dream Crate from #LootCrate

My good friend¬†The End Justifies The Journey¬†surprised me with her dream crate theme and after reading a couple of links she shared from fellow dream crate wishers, I thought I’d give this a go.

I’ve also heard about this monthly subscriptions boxes too. I didn’t know there was such a thing because being half-way across the globe, international shipping expenses alone can give one a coronary. ¬†Despite these economic downturns, these lovely curated and fascinating boxes are a joy to receive from what I’ve seen from several pictures on Twitter and also, from my friend¬†CappucinowithJules¬†she received a while back from a different pop box.

Loot Crate is a monthly subscription service geared not only to tickle ¬†but to satisfy your inner geek, gamer needs, ¬†& favorite pop culture styles by having monthly themed releases ¬†ranging from exclusive merchandises, wearables, comic books and more! They also have a section catering to the specific crowd too! If you’re a #Potterhead Wizarding World Crate¬† might be just the thing, or a Marvel fan – hop over to Marvel Gear +Goods Crate¬†or if you have friend who’s a huge WWE fan then the¬†WWE Slam Crate¬†will¬†be up the alley.

So what would be my Dream Crate? I named it “Keepsake Creations” as nod to artisans, concept designers, visual artists etc in creating memorable products.

  1. Anastasia’s locket¬†&¬†music box. ¬†The music box is pictured here and I’ve read the new musical didn’t opt to use the pendant.
  2. LOTR Awen Evenstar pendant –¬†All the Elven artifacts from Elrond’s study would be great but I’ll still to this one, easy to carry. lolz

    “The Evenstar …and she took a white gem like a star that lay upon her breast hanging upon a silver chain…”

  3. Steve Rogers sketchbook – I’d be interested flipping through the pages of his art work, which seemed to act like a visual diary too and maybe for us, #Steggy fans, may find a portrait of Agent Carter herself. ūüėÄ

    Steve at the front lines during WWII with Peggy Carter

  4. “Peggy and Steve finally having their dance” ¬† commissioned art work (I wish today’s rate 1 Php Peso ¬†= 1US even today and not eons ago) ¬†from my fave comic artist Mr. JKWoodward
  5. ¬†Letters to Juliet book – after having seen “Letters to Juliet” movie, I was intrigued finding out a group of women ¬†answering letters from matters of the heart voluntarily before and now, ¬†sanctioned by the City of Verona.¬†

#AgentCarter “Imagine It” Contest… deadline approaches

After a slight fiasco with my desktop, I’m getting around to re-posting this. ¬†Hope all you agents have finalized your entries. ¬†ūüôā I’ve tweaked and tweaked my opening scene entry thanks to¬†The End Justifies the Journey¬†input, which only lead to going beyond the word count. Lolz

Five Favorite Movies Inspired by Books

After reading award-winning author Nicole Evelina post on her five favorite movies inspired by books challenge, I decided to note my favorites too.

  1. All “LOTR” and “The Hobbit” movies – I thought it was quite ambitious & very masterfully done in condensing Tolkien’s legendarium for a non-fantasy reader. I soon later began reading the books and ¬†appreciated them.
  2. The Finest Hours” –¬†I haven’t the read book but the movie was very thrilling. A great show of a person’s indomitable spirit. The book is in my TBR list.
  3. Testament of Youth” – Quite moving film from Vera Brittain’s book of the same title. I haven’t read it tho Idk if it’s still available on ebook format. I’ve read some reviews and some readers find it difficult to understand due to the ‘old’ English (not King James English) style of writing.
  4. “The Spook’s Apprentice” books¬†(the first book)¬†¬†or “The Seventh Son’ in the movie. It was a ¬†promising endeavor but it left me with a mix bag of emotions. I thought making Ward older was a good choice but the rest of the changes left me wondering why it went in the direction we see in the film. I’m currently reading the series and I’m liking the way the world and the characters were written.
  5. Me Before You” – haven’t read the book yet but the movie was nicely done. By end of the movie, ¬†Will’s decision made me shudder.

Those are my top five movies inspired by books off the top of my head, what are yours?