A dream placed in your heart…

I remember when I was a kid, Disney Movies were my thing every Saturday night because that meant, I’m done with every homework possible. I was ready to be transported to another world of wonder, and so as I watched the movie’s end credits roll, I found myself asking God what was my own dream because I don’t know. I sat quietly, listening for an answer and it just swelled up inside – a still and calm voice answering – write stories.

Of course,  my little self managed a ten-sentence story about  a friendship of a turtle and a bird, I think were the characters.  I had given my father a copy written on grade school pad. I should have made another copy of the story and framed it. Haha.

Anyway, my anxiety only went up a notch when my grade school teacher decided to ask that same question the following week!  Fortunately, she chose a handful of students for the activity. I can’t recall what else happened in that class but the question stuck in my heart.

Onward to screenwriting…


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